Thursday, July 10, 2014

The English Country Cottage Office

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My office recently received a face lift!  Boy, did it ever need one! Until I got that done, it was my least favorite room, and one, I just wanted to close off when guests came.  Now I enjoy the colors and the arrangement so much more.  I sell on ebay, and this is a perfect spot for me to keep up with everything.


See how horrible it was??  I had really done a number on these walls, and the paint was so faded near the ceiling from the transom window that let all the evening sun come pouring in.


You might remember that the husband and I put shelves in this cabinet (left side).  It had previously been storage for my late husband's gun collection.  The guns have been passed on to my grandson, so I wanted to make this cabinet more useful.  I think we succeeded!!

My Country Cottage Office!!  I love this room now, and it is my favorite!

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