Thursday, August 21, 2014

Porch Problems and Repairs

Today's post isn't a "pretty" one, but one that shows we all have upkeep and maintenance to be done on our homes.  After all, it's our largest investment.  Here, I tell you how getting the right workers makes all the difference in the world.


Our  home has a vast front porch.  It runs across most of the front of the house, and 1/2 way down the side.  I had it built with a brick border.  Now, 13 years later, the porch has settled, and the brick border has pulled about 3" away from the concrete slab!  It might not sound like a big deal, but it is.  First you have to try to find someone who has the equipment to fix the darn thing.  That done, now to wait for him to come and give us a price.  This is going to be major!  The old porch will have to be completely torn away (on the side) and replaced.  The walls to our home are poured, except the porch was built on stacked cement blocks! Why didn't it get poured when the basement walls were poured!  Hind sight........!!  Anyway, while the porch is torn away, the roof will have to be held up with very tall posts, until everything is rebuilt and the railing and posts can be rebuilt! Y'all can imagine how much I dread this project.  One guy came and looked at it and told me who to call to do the work, and he said we are looking at around $8,000.00 worth of work!  Is it worth it?  Well, yes, otherwise our roof and everything will get messed up.  Another guy said $6500.00 and the guy I hired, said $4500.00.

See the gap between the concrete slab and the brick border? That indicates settling issues.  If this isn't fixed soon, we could even have roof problems from this.

 This is how it's supposed to look, with the concrete and brick touching.

See why I am so upset?

LATER:  Finally our porch is fixed! (and for a lot less money)!  Thank God!

This past Monday 4 guys showed up at 7:30 ready to work. They had to jack hammer all the concrete out of this area, probably about 200 sq. feet.  They didn't even take a break for lunch.  I couldn't believe how hard they worked.

They removed a section of the railing (only one section),

braced up the roof, (see the wood posts).

My husband parked the tractor with the front end loader at the edge of the porch so they could load it up with the concrete they removed, then he would empty it on a spot of land near the back property line. 

By the time they stopped on Monday, they had this much done.
All the rebar was laid and ready for the concrete.

Tuesday morning by 7:00 AM, the concrete was poured, five yards of it.  Then one of the guys stayed to be sure that the concrete was smooth and dried properly.

Now all I need to do is clean it and the railings.  We are very happy with their work, and they charged ( $3600), less than half of the $8000.00 price given by the first guy, and were done in 2 days!! So what I had expected to be a horrible repair process, came out right for once.

When they got into the inside there was an area that was hollow, the dirt had not originally been compacted, and had over time, settled away!  It's now full of concrete, so it should be fine.

Don't you love it when someone does what they say they will do, and not take forever to do it!!  I sure do!  I would recommend these guys to anyone!!

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