Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favorite Projects of 2014

I didn't do lots of projects in 2014, but there are a few that were favorites.

My most favorite project was adding shelves to the left side of a huge cabinet in the office.  This cabinet was built by students of a nearby technical school, and the left side had been made to hold my late husband's gun collection.  I decided, I wanted to have that side of the cabinet match the other, and contain shelves for books and my little treasures.

My husband and I measured, and bought the standards for the project, and had the folks at Lowe's cut the shelving to the correct length, and got busy.

Best DIY Project:

The tutorial for how we added shelves can be found here.

Best project done by someone else:


We have enjoyed the new paint color and the entire makeover so much.

Best Small Projects:

Repairing a wicker chair seat

Tutorial found here.

Makeover of an old bamboo box.

That tutorial is here.

I gave this old chair a makeover with homemade chalk paint.  Easy project, but lots of impact.

I painted my Mom's old pie safe, and I love it white.

These are a few projects from 2014.  What are your favorite projects that you accomplished in 2014?

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