Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tiny Tinsel Tree

I've had this tiny tinsel tree for two Christmases, though it was used by someone before me.  It came from a consignment shop where I just fell in love with it on first sight.

I placed it in the sunroom and filled it with red and green ball ornaments.  While going through some old decorations, I came upon a ziplock bag filled with old ornaments, most made for me by friends and co-workers.  That's when I decided to remove the red and green ornaments, and put these ornaments on the tree.

Most of these were painted, crocheted, or cross-stitched by a group of my co-workers from the early to late 1980's.  We met every Christmas for breakfast at one of our homes, but most of the time at one particular home.  That friend was the perfect hostess.   She would have the most wonderful breakfast, candles lit, Christmas music playing, and we would all eat, talk and laugh until we had to leave for work.  It was a simple, joyful time. Three of us worked at a pharmacy full time, one was an on-call Pharmacist, one was the aunt of one of my co-workers, and two of the others were past employees of the same pharmacy.  It was our tradition to give each other a small token, usually an ornament, hand made, or painted by the giver, although, we gave Christmas towels, potholders, totes we had decorated, and things of that nature as well.

So here are those ornaments on my tiny tinsel tree.

See the "K" at the top.  It was cross stitched by the aunt of my co-worker.

 The snowman in the center is one that was painted by a co-worker.

The little green and white mailbox, just below the flying Santa was made by the lady where we usually had our breakfast.  There's a mouse in a yellow mitten, just below the mailbox, painted by one of the ladies.

Then there are crocheted ice skates, more mice, and snowmen.

There is a few wooden nativities brought back from the Holy Land by a former boss.

Crocheted snowflakes also hang from the tree.

The gift ornament, painted by a co-worker.

What wonderful memories we were making.  I miss these ladies so much, as some of them are no longer with us.  Such a simple idea, that meant so much to all of us.  For that one morning we would forget our worries, and get together around the table and ooh and ahh over our gifts.  I'm so happy I brought out these ornaments this year.  What sweet memories they evoked.

Do you have simple Christmas traditions that mean a lot to you?

I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas from Shadymont!!

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