Thursday, January 22, 2015

Some Favorite Vignettes

Often I look back at ways I have decorated in the past, for ideas for the present.  While doing that today, I decided to do a post showcasing some of my favorite vignettes.  Usually, they come together for me fairly effortlessly, but sometimes I need a jog in memory about some of the items I have but haven't used in a while.  I have numerous bins of decorations in the basement, and sometimes I forget what I have.

I love using stacked cake stands, and that is what I did here. The two cupids were purchased years ago from Eckerd Drugs, I believe.  I use these lots.

Here is another cupid used on the old table in the sun room. Looks like I had a theme going.  

This a favorite too.  I loved using the old watches that belonged to my husband's father, and of course one of my sewing machine drawers.  I use those all the time.

This vignette sat on an ottoman in the office.

This is a vignette from last summer.  Love this tablecloth.  It will be back in use in the spring.

The vignette above was on the bookcase during the summer. That is one of my paintings in the center.

 I did a makeover of this box and enjoyed it for several months as a centerpiece.

We enjoyed the white items in the tray for a long time, and in fact I have brought it back to the coffee table for the winter.

This is one of the fall displays, in the breakfast nook.

This table top only had hints of Christmas décor.

 I love the way the lamp light looked on top of the pie safe.  It gave off such a cozy glow.

This is presently on the old door I have standing in the dining room.  I love decorating it for different occasions, or different days, or whenever the notion strikes.

Do you like to go back and revisit previous photos for ideas?

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