Thursday, February 26, 2015

Decorating A Small Cupboard

I have a small hall cupboard that was built in a nearby shop, that sits in my dining room.  It is narrow, and I use it to hold candles, and some of my small lamps, etc.  It is always so much fun to decorate, and since it is so small, it provides a quick way to get in a little creativity.

I've been adding a few touches of Spring here and there, trying to hurry the season, I guess.  So I will share the current look for the top of the cupboard.

I kept the quilted runner that has been on for a while now.  It fits the top perfectly.  I placed a bottle I decorated, underneath a cloche, along with a small bible, a strand of pearls belonging to my MIL, a flower, and a small lamb.

Since I am using the Ball jars on the mantel, I redecorated the old blue sewing machine drawer by placing an old thrifted platter, and a small Limoge saucer inside the drawer, then added a jar I painted turquoise, and stuck a peony into it.

Then I placed this (also thrifted) plate on a stand, to blend in with the other items.  I stuck to a pink/blue theme for the top of the cupboard, and featured pink flowers on several items.

I can look at this display and know that spring is on its way. Have you found a spot or two for spring décor?

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Faux Will Do (Early Spring Décor)

I don't buy many fresh flowers, even though I do love them.  I know lots of folks don't use faux flowers in their décor, but I am one who does.  I always have.  Recently, I have found several bushes for a penny each, and have quite a supply now.  I will use some for wreaths, and some for making arrangements for the graves of our parents and other loved ones, but currently, I am displaying some of them in the house.  I haven't "arranged" these, and just have them stuck in the containers so they can be removed and used for more permanent arrangements. Some of my favorites are these yellow and white ones.  I remembered that my husband had brought a beautiful yellow and white bowl and pitcher when we married.  It had been sitting in the guest closet on the top shelf, out of the way.  Seeing these gorgeous stems made me want to put them into the pitcher for a Spring looking arrangement.  See what you think.

Aren't these pretty?
(I have 4 cents in this arrangement)!!!
 I think this makes a nice arrangement.

 The yellow in the table cloth goes perfectly with the pitcher, bowl, and flowers.

These make me long for Spring to get here.  I've had a gracious plenty of this cold, icy weather, thank you very much!

I made another smaller arrangement for the ottoman/coffee table in the office.  I used this small ginger jar my daughter received for her wedding in 1989, so it has some age on it, and had also been stored out of the way for a long time.

 The vase and these flowers have an Asian look.  Again, these are just stuck into the container.

 They make a nice addition to the vignette in the tray.

How about you, do you use faux flowers?

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Friday, February 20, 2015

New Look for the Mantel

After all the red for the last couple months, it is time for more soothing colors.  I created a simple mantel design and really like the calming colors.

I kept the picture of my grandchildren, as well as the white shutters.

All I added is these three aqua jars, and a little more white.

These faux flowers cost me a whole penny!!  How's that for a bargain?

My beautiful grandchildren, my heart and soul!

That's my current mantel, simple and soothing.
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scrap Quilt Top My Mother Made

My sweet mama has been gone for 42 years, and I miss her still.  During the winter months when she couldn't get outside to garden, she would take  scraps of fabric from old clothing that had become worn, or outgrown, cut it into pieces and hand stitch them together to make quilt tops.  I have had one of the quilt tops packed up since she passed away, so I know the fabric in the quilt top is at least 42 to 50 years old.  Recently it has been on my mind that I should try to do something with it. So yesterday, I replaced some of the squares that had developed holes over the years, laundered it on gentle, and ironed it.

You can see that there is really no particular pattern, just colorful swatches all sewn together.  I remember some of the clothes the pieces were cut from.  Several were scraps from dresses she had made for me, some from old  aprons she had worn.

I purchased fabric for a backing, and batting for the middle, and started on the task of putting it together.  I spread the backing fabric out in the foyer floor, topped it with the batting, then the quilt, and pinned it all together.  Twelve hours later, I had it sewn together, and bound.  I used the sewing machine to make it into a quilt.  Mind you, I know nothing about quilting, but after looking at the top, I decided to just sew across the quilt where the "crosses" were made on the top. Mama had placed them across and vertically on the top, so by stitching along them in both directions, I was able to have a semblance of a pattern on the back, and at least it can now be used.  It is in NO WAY perfect, but I am happy to be able to have it out where I can enjoy it.

This is the fabric I chose for the backing.  So many of the squares on the top are floral, and I thought this fabric looked somewhat vintage and carried out the floral pattern.

When I was a little girl, the ladies of the church would make friendship quilts for the pastor, and embroider their names on the square they made.  So I decided to sign mama's name and embroider it on this quilt top.  She always had me write her name for her to embroider.  She thought I had better penmanship than she did, but I didn't.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing this colorful quilt.  It is so special to me because I know the many hours it took for Mama to sew it together by hand.

Nothing fancy about it, but it is special to me. I will think of my sweet Mama everytime I see it.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Valentine Wreath

My mesh wreaths do double and often triple duty.  This one is red and white, and has been used for Christmas and Valentine's Day at one time or another.  This year all I did to make it suitable for Valentine's day was to add this small DT wreath to the center.

I simply tucked it into the form and it is held by the green fronds.  Can't get any easier!!

 It's hard to tell, but the small center wreath has foil hearts on it.  I think it works pretty good with the larger wreath for the holiday.

For Christmas one year, I added clear green ornaments to the wreath.  Simple changes can make it work for various occasions.  A simple, frugal, and quick change!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Revamping an Old Stool

Quite some time ago, I bought this stool with a shelf for $12.00 at a consignment store nearby.  I loved that it had a distressed look, and was not in perfect condition.

I've used it on the screened porch, in the sun room, in the family room, and now it's in the guest bath.  First, though, I gave it a little update with some paint that was left over from painting the office, Ben Moore, Copper Patina.  Love that color!!

Here it is all gussied up.

I didn't distress it at all.  I added a trio of stick on roses to the front edge of the shelf.

See the bottom of the pail sitting on top?  Guess what it holds?

This old pail belonged to my MIL.  I love using it in this way.

I love this little stool, no matter where I have it, but I am really liking it in the guest bath!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Love an Old Tote

I keep on changing this old tote.  When I first found this treasure, it was dark green!!  Ugly dark green, full of webs and dirt.  I don't know if it had been used to hold flower pots or as a tool box.  Either way, I knew I had to have it and I remember being glad that it could be mine for $20.00!!

I first transformed it to white and used it on the dining room table to hold ball jars, candles, flowers, etc.  I painted the insides of the section in a blue color of paint I had on hand.

 Nothing stays one way very long around here.

I eventually embellished it by using Mod Podge to imprint a picture of a rooster on each side. (above)

Then its next change was painting the whole thing French Blue by ASCP, leaving the roosters on the side.  Loved  using it to hold dried hydrangeas.

Well, today was the day for a new look!!  Pink!  Yes, pink!!  Now it holds bargain flowers and sits atop the jelly cupboard in the sun room!!

Love the pink!!

Just thinking, it might get a white fleur de lis stenciled on the side!  (yep, think it will)!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hearts & Cupids in the Entry

I've added a touch of Valentine's décor to the entry without spending any money.  A touch of red is always welcome during the dreary months of winter.

This table once belonged to my paternal grandmother, was painted a dark brown, with coat after coat of paint underneath. Now it has a coat of ASCP Olde White with heavy dark wax to make it have more of a natural look.  I painted grain sack stripes on it some time ago, but today I have covered the table with a runner which can be used either for Christmas or Valentine's since it is white with gold cupids and stars.

 I've had this cupids with gazing ball for a very long time, from Kirkland's.

The runner, from consignment sale.

A velour heart box, once filled with chocolates.
A heart shaped vase with DT roses.

Simple collection of items I already had, come together for a sweet Valentine's display.  

Look around your home and see if you can come up with a display for little to no money.
It will brighten your day!!

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

One Single Flower

I have so enjoyed my office makeover from almost a year ago. The Copper Patina paint color is just right for me.  Not too bright, not too dark, just right.  I removed the snowflakes from the twigs I keep in the aqua/copper metal vase, and they looked a little bare, so for the huge amount of $2.00 for a faux hydrangea, I gave it a pop of color!

These twigs from the yard, spray painted white, have been through lots of changes over time.  I love seeing the different ways I can decorate them.

They have been decorated with eggs for Easter.

Fabric rosettes I've made have hung from the branches.

At one point, it held old family photos.

Always a good spot for some Christmas ornaments.

But on a dreary winter's day, I'm liking the pop of color provided by this flower!!

Just one single flower!!

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