Thursday, February 26, 2015

Decorating A Small Cupboard

I have a small hall cupboard that was built in a nearby shop, that sits in my dining room.  It is narrow, and I use it to hold candles, and some of my small lamps, etc.  It is always so much fun to decorate, and since it is so small, it provides a quick way to get in a little creativity.

I've been adding a few touches of Spring here and there, trying to hurry the season, I guess.  So I will share the current look for the top of the cupboard.

I kept the quilted runner that has been on for a while now.  It fits the top perfectly.  I placed a bottle I decorated, underneath a cloche, along with a small bible, a strand of pearls belonging to my MIL, a flower, and a small lamb.

Since I am using the Ball jars on the mantel, I redecorated the old blue sewing machine drawer by placing an old thrifted platter, and a small Limoge saucer inside the drawer, then added a jar I painted turquoise, and stuck a peony into it.

Then I placed this (also thrifted) plate on a stand, to blend in with the other items.  I stuck to a pink/blue theme for the top of the cupboard, and featured pink flowers on several items.

I can look at this display and know that spring is on its way. Have you found a spot or two for spring décor?

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