Monday, February 23, 2015

Faux Will Do (Early Spring Décor)

I don't buy many fresh flowers, even though I do love them.  I know lots of folks don't use faux flowers in their décor, but I am one who does.  I always have.  Recently, I have found several bushes for a penny each, and have quite a supply now.  I will use some for wreaths, and some for making arrangements for the graves of our parents and other loved ones, but currently, I am displaying some of them in the house.  I haven't "arranged" these, and just have them stuck in the containers so they can be removed and used for more permanent arrangements. Some of my favorites are these yellow and white ones.  I remembered that my husband had brought a beautiful yellow and white bowl and pitcher when we married.  It had been sitting in the guest closet on the top shelf, out of the way.  Seeing these gorgeous stems made me want to put them into the pitcher for a Spring looking arrangement.  See what you think.

Aren't these pretty?
(I have 4 cents in this arrangement)!!!
 I think this makes a nice arrangement.

 The yellow in the table cloth goes perfectly with the pitcher, bowl, and flowers.

These make me long for Spring to get here.  I've had a gracious plenty of this cold, icy weather, thank you very much!

I made another smaller arrangement for the ottoman/coffee table in the office.  I used this small ginger jar my daughter received for her wedding in 1989, so it has some age on it, and had also been stored out of the way for a long time.

 The vase and these flowers have an Asian look.  Again, these are just stuck into the container.

 They make a nice addition to the vignette in the tray.

How about you, do you use faux flowers?

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