Thursday, March 5, 2015

For the Love of Doors

I love old doors.  Knowing that, my daughter gave me a beautiful one for my birthday.  I am still deciding on where to put it, and am trying it out in several places.

She found this in a local shop.  It's a cabinet door, distressed, and painted.  It is very heavy.  I first placed it on the mantel, and liked it there, but I love having my grandchildren's picture there, so it didn't stay there very long. 

Next, I placed it on the little shelf I had attached to another door, but was afraid the small shelf wouldn't hold the weight of the door for very long.

I really like it here, so I will probably try to put it back there after I figure out a way to assure that the small shelf won't fall. It doesn't have any way to hang it at present, that is another option, making a hanger for it.  

Currently, it is on the small cupboard in the dining room. Where do you like it best, on the mantel, other door, or on the cupboard?  I'd love to hear your opinions.

Other doors I am using in my décor:

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