Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Making Slip Covers for the Sofa and Loveseat

I finally jumped on the "make your own slipcovers" bandwagon. Bloggers like Miss Mustard Seed, make it look so easy.  Well, it's not so easy for an "old" woman, especially if you lay your drop cloth on the floor to cut it, and you have to crawl around to pin, etc.  Wow, did I get tired.

It would have been a better idea if I had watched the tutorial at MMS blog first.  Instead, I watched one I found on YouTube, and it wasn't nearly as thorough.  Altogether, I worked on slipcovers for the sofa and loveseat for 4 days!  It's a tedious process for me, as I am not a good seamstress.  I have basic knowledge only.  I did pretty good for the first time, I guess.  I keep taking tucks here and there, hoping to make them look better.

I do like the lighter color in the family room.  Our furniture has seen better days, and we really need to purchase new, but I'm not ready to spend the money yet.

A piece of advice, if you decide to try your hand at making slip covers.  Be sure to wash the drop cloths first, and iron them.  I didn't on the one for the loveseat, and it was harder to work with.  Of course, it was the first one I tried too.  Another tip is to use the seams, hems, and selvage to your advantage when cutting the fabric.  It takes some of the work out of the process.

These are no where near perfect, but since they are supposed to look rumpled, I can get by with them for a while.

I didn't take pictures of each step because, I didn't want to take time to.
Sofa (looking toward front door)



View, coming in front door.

I had fabric left from that I bought to finish my mother's quilt, so I used it to make covers for the throw pillows. I'm trying to decide if I want to hang different drapes for the summer.  I'm thinking about white sheers, maybe........

I bought a total of 4 drop cloths for this project, 2 small ones for the loveseat, and 2 larger ones for the sofa.  I had very few scraps left.

I estimate having around $65.00 in this project for both pieces of furniture.

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