Friday, April 24, 2015

Decorating With Repurposed Trays and Boxes

I love decorating using old wooden boxes, trays, drawers, and items that are old, and formerly had other uses.  Like this old wooden box I found a few years ago. It's a simple shipping box that has Made in the USA on it.  I believe it originally held some type of Military supplies.  I've been thinking about giving it a light gray wash. I think I could do that without interfering with the engraving on it.  Here it holds a plant and two repurposed Mason jars I did recently.

I have this old tool box that I've filled with bargain flowers and it sits on top of the jelly cupboard in the sun room.  This box has been green, white, blue, and now it's pink!  Versatile to say the least!!

Here I've used a tray to corral a group of items for a Spring vignette.

Here this wooden trug (I made over by painting white and adding label) holds florals from a yard sale that were a dime for each pot.

I made over this bamboo box by painting the inserts turquoise, and adding tulips from Michael's to it.  It also holds a blue vintage Mason jar.

The old 8 track tape box made by a friend about 45 years ago is no exception.  I've decorated it in all kinds of ways since I painted and placed Graphic's Fairy graphics on it.  Here it holds my collection of vintage kitchen utensils.

There are all kinds of ways to decorate using old boxes, trays, etc.

Old sewing drawers can be painted, and dressed up to hold lots of neat items.  Here vintage mason jars and old silver spoons are decorating this one.
 You can use them for any occasion.  You're limited only by your own imagination.

The tray below started life, hot pink and white, but I bathed it in turquoise, and glued pretty scrap paper to the inside.  It's great for spring decor.

Sometimes you just have to think outside  inside the box, and get creative!!

How have you used boxes and trays in your décor?

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