Monday, April 27, 2015

Displaying Vintage Kitchen Utensils

I have quite a collection of vintage kitchen tools so I gathered them together in this enamel pan for a display.

two small vintage plates, potato mashers, an old grater, biscuit cutter, an ice pick, a flipper

I placed them on this kitchen step stool we found a couple years ago in the shed.  It was rusty, but I painted it white.

I added an old rolling pin, juicer, flower pot, and canning jar filled with votives and tea lights to the steps of the stool.  (I'll let you in on a secret.....the next time we come down, something in the above photo may get painted white).  :)

The ice pick says "Use our Party Ice". Here I added  tarnished silverware to the aqua flower pot, and put it inside the pan, placing the potato mashers and larger utensils in an old jar which I sat beside it.
 Some of the silver is so tarnished it is a black color, but it's so appealing to me!
 Love this tiny strainer, and the old rolling pin.  
Having all these vintage items on display in the kitchen at the lake house brings back sweet memories. They are such utilitarian pieces, but they carry lots of history with them.

I love the patina they have acquired from years of use.

Do you collect old cooking utensils?

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