Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hey, Lighten Up!!

I have recently added lots of light colors to my decor.  It started gradually as I added white items in bookcases, shelves, etc.

Bought a white quilt for the master bed.

I've added white sheers in the office, master bedroom, dining room, and family room.

I made slipcovers for the sofa and loveseat from dropcloths.
The tablecloth in the dining room is also one I made from dropcloths.
These photos are NOT staged, just keepin' it real!!

I've painted the pie safe white, also the sofa table!!

I brought lighter colors into the bedroom, family room, and sunroom with fabrics.

All the items in the china cabinet are white.

I changed from black/red/white rooster pictures in the breakfast room to this arrangement.
I like the farmhouse look of the vignette.

I decluttered the tops of the kitchen cabinets.  I literally had every inch of them covered with STUFF!

Now, just a center display.

I made a dropcloth cover for this stool.

I have white and pink for the mantel display.

 Vignette in a white drawer.

My home is filled with natural light.  I have large windows, transoms, french doors in almost every room, so there is no shortage of light, but I have to say, I love the light decor, too. It makes everything look larger, and cleaner.  I do need to lighten up the guest room.  It still has lots of brown, so that has to be remedied pronto!  I'm thinking a pastel quilt with light curtains, maybe more sheers!  It just makes for a joyous feeling home. If your home needs light, just lighten up!!  You can do it gradually as I have, and look for bargains in fabric and sheers.  Sheers can be found on EBay, new, for next to nothing!  I got 4 pairs, 84 and 95 inches recently, for under $30.00, including shipping. Changing to lighter colors doesn't have to cost a lot.  Do it on the cheap, and enjoy it.  Then when the whim changes for something else, you haven't sunk a fortune into it, and don't have to feel guilty about changing it again!  :)

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