Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Celebrating Life & Patina

I love the patina of old copper, the greenish tint it gets when it is left to age naturally; and silver, that black color that former generations would have cleaned immediately.  But, not me!  I love patina!!  

I am fortunate to have a few pieces that belonged to my mother in law, that have aged to perfection. 

Look at these pieces, so beautiful!  The coppery glow in the center surrounded by the darker color.

To me, these are lovely pieces.  They've been used, cleaned, kept and used again.

Such beauty in the designs on the handles, so intricate and elegant.

The same is true in our human lives. As we age, our patina changes, just like that of old metals.  Our hair turns silver, our skin develops wrinkles and laugh lines, and isn't as supple, but I read some where that gray hair is a woman's patina.  So I am embracing it!  I grew tired of paying enormous amounts to have my hair bleached and fried, (nothing wrong with it) and I just accept my silver hair as proof that I have lived, loved, and have made it to my retirement years. Life is good!!  Patina is good!

Proverbs 16:31 ~~ Gray hair is like a crown of honor; it is earned by living a good life. (NCV)

Gray hair shows you have weathered the storms of life, like the hull of an old ship that has been tossed on the waves, or the leather of an old book with its binding broken and its edges worn and curled from use.

We love items that have aged and developed a certain patina. We have them all around us, we even purchase them to use in our homes.

So don't feel old when you start seeing that gray hair. Embrace it!  Embrace this time in your life.  Relax, who are you trying to impress!  You've earned your gray hair, be proud that you have been here long enough to acquire patina by living a full life!!

So join me in celebrating the seasons of life!!

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