Monday, May 11, 2015

Easy Organization for Small Bathrooms

Our home at the lake has less than 1100 square feet.  In it, we use furniture that we have from combining 3 households in 2005, when we were married.

On our recent trip there, we decided to neaten and organize the bathrooms.  The master previously had a tall tower that held the towels, and was crammed with them, and always looked messy.

Our answer to organize this space was to purchase the space savers that were popular a number of years ago.  They have some really nice ones, so we bought two, one for the master bath, and one for the guest bath.  


This one is in brushed nickel, and certainly neatened up this room.  It holds plenty of towels, hand towels, and bath cloths, and even has room for a "pretty or two".  The towels not placed on the space saver were stored on a high closet shelf.  I rearranged the closet and made room for the old towel tower, and it now holds extra paper towels and tissue.  (We tend to hoard paper products).  :)  

I previously had a long shower curtain here, but decided to use the valance that was here when the home was bought.  It's a nice change, and matches the walls so much better.

GUEST bath:

This is a tiny bath room, only the width of the tub.  You can see how little space there is on the vanity. This room really did need organization. I originally had a small metal shelf in here, which took up a good section of floor space, so I am really glad we did this in this room.  Now, the entire floor space is clear.

This unit is chrome, and cost less than the other one. There is a difference in quality, but I think both are fine for the use they will get, and everything looks so much neater.

Plenty of towels, again, plus enough room for some accessories, and a basket with extra tissue. 

(please excuse the photo quality, small room, no natural light)

I added an over-the-sink shelf in the master bath, to hold toiletries.

Just this little organizational project makes such a difference in the bathrooms.  They seem so much neater and more open.

While on the subject of space savers, I found this one for $2.00 at Dollar General.  It was a 90% off product, originally $20.00.  It was a bit of a nuisance to put together, and I had to improvise a little because a hole was needed in one of the rods that didn't have one, so I drilled a hole, and it all worked out fine.

Here it is in our guest bath at the mountain home. (small room too)

Have you done any organization projects recently?  If you need more storage in your bathroom(s), this is a great way to go, and very cost effective.  They are not the latest and greatest, but they still work well in small spaces.

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