Sunday, June 21, 2015

Found: A New Hobby

It all started with this wonderful runner I found at Hen's Nest.

Notice anything about it?  

It isn't embroideried, but has the pattern stamped on it! All that was finished was the crocheted trim around the edge.

Last weekend, I decided I would embroider it!  I made a list of the colors of embroidery floss I needed and picked that up at Wal Mart.

I worked on it a few hours for a couple of days, and finished it.

I haven't been taught to embroidery, but just did it the way I thought it should be done, and I'm satisfied with that.

Know what I learned?  I learned that I like doing embroidery!!  So........ I bought a set of stamped pillow cases, and am busy with those now.

Here is a peek at the first one, not yet finished.

The pillow case design is more complicated than the runner was. The stitching was much simpler on it, mostly straight lines.  The butterfly design has curvy lines, and uses various colors on each part of the pattern.

 The butterfly above is the first one I did on this pillow case. 

My stitching improved by the time I did this butterfly.  I know the stems on the leaves are not outlined like they should be but I wanted them  this way, so that's what I did.  I'm still trying to make a french knot correctly.  I've watched the You Tube demonstration over and over.   Sometimes they turn out right, sometimes they don't, and that's allright too.  I'm enjoying the process, and learning as I go. I'm going to buy some white floss, and fill in the white areas.  I should finish this one today or tomorrow, then I'll start the other pillow case.  Once the pillow cases are laundered, the stamped on design will wash out, and won't show.

I've found a new hobby that I enjoy!!  Do you do any type of needle work?

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