Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Giving an Old Book Shelf a Makeover

I've shared this bookshelf many times.  It was originally dark brown, until I bought my first can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  Then I painted it in Old White, and have loved it.  But late Saturday night, I got a notion to paint the inside of the shelves.  I mixed 2 small Home Decor Chalk Paint (available at JoAnn's) colors, which came out a light turquoise color.  I removed all my junk treasures from the shelves, wiped the shelves off, and painted the backs.  I have to say, I love it!!!

When I placed items back on the shelves, I focused on turquoise items.  I like the way it looks now.  It is seen when you come through the front door.

Coming in Front Door

This project literally took about 20 minutes, and I was able to place the accessories back immediately because none of them were pushed to the back.

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