Sunday, June 28, 2015

Picture Frame and Stool Makeover

We all know that paint can hide a multitude of sins!  I bought this wonderful rose picture at the consignment shop when I bought the hall tree (see previous post).  

Don't get me wrong, I love the distressed look, but this frame was just a little to dark for my taste.  I've bought some Waverly chalk paint at Wal Mart, and I really like its coverage.  So this is how the frame looks now.

I painted the outer edge with white, then the inner part with pink (Ballet Slippers), and I left the most inner section white with gold.  Love it now!!  It still has the shabby chic look that's in my sunroom, but it has a cleaner look.

I know, it was on the hall tree, now in the sunroom.  You know I can't leave anything alone!!

Another place I added pink is on this small stool.  It was originally white, then aqua, with "Home Sweet Home" stenciled on the top, and now its pink.  

(Original color)

Here in aqua.

I stacked it on top of another stool to hold plants.  The heat of the last few weeks has really been tough on this creeping jenny, so I brought it into the sunroom.  New growth is sprouting on them now.

I have enjoyed these two really quick projects.  What have you changed recently?

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