Thursday, July 23, 2015

Converting The Bonus Room to a Private Retreat

We have a bonus room above the garage. It's quite a large room, and has never gotten any use.  Well, that is about to change!  I've decided to make a few changes, and claim it as my little retreat! I plan to spend very little to restyle this room.

There isn't an entrance to the room from the house.  It requires going into the garage, then up about 20 stairs to reach the room.  The views from the room are wonderful.


This room was originally meant for an extra bed room/play room for my grandson.  It was never used much at all though.  My neightbor painted the balloons and scenery on the walls because it would be a play room.  I hope to get this room painted in the next few weeks.  We are having the exterior of the house painted, and I would like to have this room painted too, if I can talk the hubby into it!! (fingers crossed).  My daughter has just painted her whole house in Benjamin Moore, Grecian Green, a lovely color, so I might do that in this room, with all white ceilings!!  The flooring is green, tile look, vinyl that still looks new.  No wear or tear!! I can work with it though until I can get it painted, and plan to make it a cozy little getaway.  Since it is not part of the main living area, it is extremely quiet up here. Great place for reading, or napping.

I've started changing things by shopping the house.

First of all, I wanted to change the bedding so,  I added a light colored quilt, pillow cases I embroideried, and reversed the comforter, and folded it across the foot of the bed.  So much better, already.

Back when we first built the house, I simply printed off pictures of hot air balloons to hang on the walls as art work.

I brought those frames down, cleaned them, and printed out botanical pictures from the Graphics Fairy for a change here.

So much brighter, and prettier.

There's a really OLD cabinet style TV in this room, that I can't possibly move down the stairs, so I covered it with a tablecloth, and placed a lamp, magazines and a candle on the top, using it as a table.

There's plenty of room for a sofa and love seat.  I have both stored in my basement, and am thinking about how I can get those moved upstairs.  I may hire someone to bring them up and at the same time remove the old TV.  

Room (above) for sofa

Room (below) for loveseat/table

My current sitting area is a Lane recliner I've had for probably 20-25 years.  It's just like new, and super comfy.  Makes the perfect place for a nap!!

The room has 3 windows, and 2 skylights, plenty of light in here!!

I'm thinking, if I can get the furniture moved up here, I will rearrange the furniture, and make a more cohesive sitting area!  I'd like for the seating to face the windows for the views.  

See why I can't move the furniture??

The stairs have 2 turns in them, and the stairwell is kinda narrow, but maybe a couple guys could move the furniture for me.

As I convert this room, I will share what I'm doing with you.

I'm excited to get it like I want it.
I think it will be a very welcoming extra guest room, as well as my quiet room.  :)

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