Vintage Egg Baskets

We've all seen the vintage wire egg baskets.  Pinterest shows them starting at $30.00, and as high as $79.00. I hit the jackpot on this one!!  I gave only $10.99 for it at the Hen's Nest.  I've looked at them in various places and they were more than I wanted to pay.  There are so many ways to use them.  Pinterest is full of great ideas. Right now, I'm using mine to hold magazines.

Another way to use the basket is to hold towels, or set a plant inside it, as I did here.

Here are some wonderful pins from Pinterest.  Great ideas!!  I can see myself doing all of these!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I have another egg basket, but I didn't realize that was what it was until I saw it on Pinterest, too.

I'd love to hear your ideas for using a vintage egg basket!!

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