Saturday, August 8, 2015

Finding Treasures

At first, as I often do, I saw this wonderful rug, but left it at the consignment shop. You would think I'd learn, but I don't! Anyway, I left it, then went home and obsessed about it for several days, then made the trip back to get it!! Yeah, I did!! I always do this!!!  It now resides with me though, and I'm doing the same old song and dance trying to decide where it will work best.

I started out with it in the master bedroom (above), but I didn't like it there. So I dragged it into the family room, and I like it!  The colors work in here right now, so MAYBE it will stay here a while.

This is the rug that was here originally.

I'm loving the bold colors, and I think they will look good, especially in the fall.  It looks small in the shot below, but is actually 5x8.  I could use a larger rug, but I just moved my furniture in some for a cozier grouping.

I also  bought the metal planter on the coffee table.

Of course, this came from the Hen's Nest! 

This rug could be used in most of my rooms, so it will get moved around I'm sure.  I love finding treasures that are versatile.

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