Friday, October 30, 2015

Purging, Cleaning, and Organizing Garden Sheds

These are not PRETTY photos.  But they do show how you don't have to spend alot to do some organization.

We have two outdoor storage buildings at the lake home, and both were in sad shape as far as organization goes. I didn't think about blogging about this until later, so there are no BEFORE photos.  I'm sure you can imagine though, storage buildings with just room enough to step inside, and one of them was even worse.

We went to Home Depot and purchased peg boards, and hooks so we could get things off the floor.  We spent very little because we planned to be a little creative with our organization.

When we returned, we started dragging everything out of the buildings, and going through all the boxes and bins.  We ended up carrying 240 pounds to the solid waste station!  That's a lot of stuff!!

Then we cleaned the floors, walls, and got busy hanging peg boards and our items.

The larger of the two buildings is about 20x20.

Here, we simply nailed up a strip of poplar wood we bought, and then drove nails into the board far enough apart to hold the garden tools.  Very inexpensive. We attached 2 pieces of peg board (2x4 ft) by screwing them to the studs. Look at all the screwdrivers! We had no idea we had that many!

On the back wall this shelf had a huge bird nest from heaven only knows when.  The window had no screen, but since we had some left from screening the porches, we cut a piece and stapled on the inside to keep the birds and critters outside!  Without the trash and bird nest, we had enough room to place tool lubricants, oil, etc., used for yard tools. Now we can see what we have. We purchased a large straight hook that we screwed into the stud to hold the extension cords.

Now there is room to walk in and room to also park the riding mower.  The shelf on the back was made by laying a piece of ply board that was in the shed, across 2 five gallon buckets.  It holds the larger bottles of oil, etc.
Instead of spending so much money, we used lots of nails to organize items that would hang.

The other shed is metal, and small, probably 8x10 or so.
It holds one piece of peg board.

Here we used a metal grid we found cleaning out.  We nailed it up and hung items from it.  Use what you have!
Fertilizers, grass seeds, etc. are stored here.  I even have a bin for Christmas decorations. Oh, the main thing.... you can actually walk in this shed now!

With a little creativity, you can organize without spending a lot of money.  I think this peg board was around 4 dollars a sheet.  The hooks were a little expensive (to me), but they should last a really long time.

If you have a shed that needs to be organized, just use what you have to help you get the job done!  You'll be so glad you did!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Cozy Fall Thoughts and Traditions

When fall arrives, and there's a nip in the air, my thoughts turn to warm and cozy things.   I think of the smell of leaves burning after being raked,


I'm reminded of farmer's markets with their abundance of pumpkins, mums, apples, and baskets of bounty.  Hay rides, a camp fire with toasted marshmallows or smores....


cups of hot cider,


Pumpkin scented candles,

Cozy throws, 


Sitting beside the fire, on a cool evening, and reading a favorite book or listening to soft music,


What do you think about?  Where do your thoughts wander?  What makes your home cozy?

 Photos are a compilation of photos on the internet, and are not my own.
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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall'n Around the Lake House

I didn't buy anything new to decorate for Fall this year at the lake house.  This rake was found in one of the sheds some time ago.  I painted it white, and enjoy decorating it in various ways.  I've added flowers and a scarecrow.

Other areas where I have added some fall colors:

 Entertainment Center, dried hydrangeas.

Dining table centerpiece.

Fall vignette on a vintage step stool, also found in the shed and painted. 

This old plate has just the right colors.

Inside the hutch, this vintage vinegar bottle holds orange flowers.

Dining Area

End Table

 Coffee Table

Nature's Contribution
Dogwood tree.

There you have it, fall 2015 at Lake Seminole.

Thanks for stopping by.  Come again soon!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Curtains for the Guest Room

I've shown the guest room lots of times. I've had these window treatments up for several months, and haven't really been satisfied with them.  All my other rooms have long panels, so I decided to try and find some I liked for this room.

You've seen the bedding in here too.  I bought it for $35.00 at the Hen's Nest some months ago.  It's perfect for this bed, and I especially like it now for its fall colors.

I surfed the web for a long time looking for panels that would blend in with my colors, and that didn't cost a fortune!  I like to keep within my budget so I don't have a lot of money spent on items, and that allows me to change things out ocassionally.

I finally found some panels I like on the Wal Mart website.  They are due to arrive this week, so hopefully they will work out. I chose Mainstays Hanging Medallion Grommet Curtain ... $18.24/pair.  So around $58.00 with taxes.  Not bad.

Here they are in the guest room.
When I first opened the package, I thought I wouldn't like them, but once I got them up, I like them more.  I put them up on the regular curtain rods that were in this room.  I'll get new rods soon, but I was anxious to hang them, and didn't have time to shop for more rods.

I'm a little nervous about mixing patterns.

I think I'll keep them.  They are better than the window treatments I had there, plus, I think they will make the room warmer in the winter months.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Hitting the Yard Sales

The weather here is gorgeous.  Blue sky, just a slight nip in the air, just the kind of weather to shop some yard sales.  I've found several the last 2 days that were really good ones, and of course a few good finds.  The find I'm happiest about is this wonderful fabric.

There is 5 yards of fabric at 66" wide, price $1.00!!  I plan to make curtains for my bed room.  I will have to add a band of some type of trim to make them the length I need, but I'm thinking drop cloth at the top or bottom will do the trick, and I already have that!!

This was a $2.00 find, and I liked it, but when I looked at the bottom, I couldn't resist it!!  Kathy Adams was my name for 35 years!!  (my first marriage).  Felt kinda eerie!!

I filled it with mini pumpkins!  Love it!

I bought this flower frog for $3.00.

75 cents for this makeup bag.

This cute shirt for $1.00.

Fabric 25 cents each.  Enough to make pillow covers in the green, probably a yard or more of the yellow.

I already did one project with some of the green fabric.  I copied this idea from Brenda at Cozy Little House. Mine isn't as pretty as hers, but I think it's a neat idea!

Have you visited any yard sales recently?  It's TIME!

 I am thrilled with all these treasures for a total of around $8.25!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Let's Spruce Up the Garage

We don't use our garage for storage, but had some things in it, like dog food, a chair, metal side table, the grill, etc. While we were having the house exterior painted, we decided to do the garage interior.  I chose Pisma Dunes in eggshell for the walls, and Pearl Gray concrete stain for the floor.

I just picked up a gray paint from Wal Mart for the steps.  The steps at the back go up to the bonus room, and the door opens into a little storage closet.
I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. We removed everything from the garage, so now it just houses two vehicles, and one small shelf.
Love the shine on the floor!  The walls being in eggshell will hopefully hold up better than the flat paint did that was there before.

Recently I found this shelf unit at Good Will for $9.99, and bought it.  We decided to use it in the garage to hold trash bags and things we need out here.

The garage feels so nice and fresh, and we are enjoying the color combo.  We are trying really hard not to junk it up.  :)

Do you use your garage for storage?

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