Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Guest Bath, From Bland to Bright

Extremely Frugal Bath Makeover

I've had a red and white shower curtain for some time that I found for a penny!! It's new, not thrifted.  I just happened on it and couldn't pass it up.  

I don't normally use a lot of red, but I decided to give the guest bath a little face lift!!

This is what had been in there for a few months since I found the shower curtain on consignment, and knew I had matching rugs.  I like it, but it has seemed a little bland!

No more bland!!  Now it's bright & fun in there!!

I removed the towels and bath cloths, and switched them out with some I already had in red and white.  I already had the rugs, and brought them up from the basement storage.  They were purchased at Target many months ago.

The artwork looked too bland, and I shopped the house, and swapped the art shown here with this piece.

I got this print free.  It's a cute story.  One day while I was still working, I went to the consignment shop on my lunch break. The owner's husband was there alone, and the print (still in plastic) didn't have a price on it, so he said it must be free, and gave it to me, but told me not to tell his wife!!! Can you believe it?  He's a hoot! I already had the frame.  So this bright print certainly livens up the space, and I think of Don when I see it!

I added this small consignment find artwork to the wall beside the sink.

I'm really happy with the red for now. Maybe I will leave it through Christmas anyway!!  It's a nice change, and a very frugal makeover! 

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