Friday, October 30, 2015

Purging, Cleaning, and Organizing Garden Sheds

These are not PRETTY photos.  But they do show how you don't have to spend alot to do some organization.

We have two outdoor storage buildings at the lake home, and both were in sad shape as far as organization goes. I didn't think about blogging about this until later, so there are no BEFORE photos.  I'm sure you can imagine though, storage buildings with just room enough to step inside, and one of them was even worse.

We went to Home Depot and purchased peg boards, and hooks so we could get things off the floor.  We spent very little because we planned to be a little creative with our organization.

When we returned, we started dragging everything out of the buildings, and going through all the boxes and bins.  We ended up carrying 240 pounds to the solid waste station!  That's a lot of stuff!!

Then we cleaned the floors, walls, and got busy hanging peg boards and our items.

The larger of the two buildings is about 20x20.

Here, we simply nailed up a strip of poplar wood we bought, and then drove nails into the board far enough apart to hold the garden tools.  Very inexpensive. We attached 2 pieces of peg board (2x4 ft) by screwing them to the studs. Look at all the screwdrivers! We had no idea we had that many!

On the back wall this shelf had a huge bird nest from heaven only knows when.  The window had no screen, but since we had some left from screening the porches, we cut a piece and stapled on the inside to keep the birds and critters outside!  Without the trash and bird nest, we had enough room to place tool lubricants, oil, etc., used for yard tools. Now we can see what we have. We purchased a large straight hook that we screwed into the stud to hold the extension cords.

Now there is room to walk in and room to also park the riding mower.  The shelf on the back was made by laying a piece of ply board that was in the shed, across 2 five gallon buckets.  It holds the larger bottles of oil, etc.
Instead of spending so much money, we used lots of nails to organize items that would hang.

The other shed is metal, and small, probably 8x10 or so.
It holds one piece of peg board.

Here we used a metal grid we found cleaning out.  We nailed it up and hung items from it.  Use what you have!
Fertilizers, grass seeds, etc. are stored here.  I even have a bin for Christmas decorations. Oh, the main thing.... you can actually walk in this shed now!

With a little creativity, you can organize without spending a lot of money.  I think this peg board was around 4 dollars a sheet.  The hooks were a little expensive (to me), but they should last a really long time.

If you have a shed that needs to be organized, just use what you have to help you get the job done!  You'll be so glad you did!


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