Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Mantel

Rustic woodland decor was my choice this year for the Christmas mantel.  I found these adorable reindeer at Big Lots, and feel in love with them!

Aren't they pretty!!!

These shutters that I've used for a long time, got a coat of red paint.  The wreaths hanging on them were consignment finds. I brought out the birch candles from last year. The burlap wreath, I made to use in my fall decor.  I added a string of wooden beads through it for a pop of red.  The sign is one I did the other day from a scrap of baseboard.  I painted it red, free handed "Merry", stenciled "Christmas", then sanded it well for an aged look.

(Candle stands, consignment)

 I moved the sign to the book case, so here is the mantel without it.

There you have it, my bargain mantel decor.  Proving every day, it doesn't cost a fortune to decorate, just use your imagination, and make it work!

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Christmas Cupboard

If you've followed my blog for a while, you have seen this pie cupboard that belonged to my grandmother, then my mother.  I painted it white a while ago.  I didn't want to set the table this year with the Christmas dishes, but wanted to use them somewhere in my decor.  I decided to place them in the pie cupboard.  

I removed the art above the cupboard, and replaced it with this quilt wall hanging, a gift from my SIL several years ago. 

The Christmas dishes were a consignment find for around $20.  It's a 6 place setting with a serving bowl, and suger/creamer.  I placed holly designed napkins on the shelves. I've had the napkins since the eighties, I guess.  The dishes also have a holly design.  

The pitcher was found a year or so ago at a consignment shop.

I'm enjoying the cheerfulness of this cupboard in the breakfast nook.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas Crafts

The deer silhouette is very popular this year.  I've seen so many on Pinterest on the fronts of pillows, and decided to try putting one on a pillow I already had.
I made this pillow a few years ago from burlap, and stenciled a tree on it, and include it in my fall decorating. It seemed like a good candidate for a Christmas update. 

Here's how I added a deer silhouette to this pillow.

First, I found a clip art drawing of a silhouette online, and printed it out.  

I went through my fabric stash and found a scrap of red fabric.  Then I measured to be sure the silhouette would fit on the fabric.

I used double sided tape to tape the pattern to the fabric, and then cut around the pattern.  The silhouette was to narrow to cover the stencil on the cushion, so I found some scrap fabric that I put behind it so the tree would be covered.  Next I pinned the white fabric to the pillow, then topped it with the silhouette.

I used adhesive fabric bonding to attach everything to the pillow.  I also used some hot glue to be sure it wouldn't come off. 

I wrote 'Noel' and 'Peace' on the bottom corners.  Then I found a scrap of ribbon and put that on the sides of the white fabric to cover some of the fraying edges.

I used a gel pen to write on the fabric, then went over it with gold glitter glue.

The eyes and nose are small gold jingle bells that I had in my stash.  This was a quick craft and required no sewing.

I also made a 'reindeer' collage.  I picked up a package of cards for scrapbooking, at HL the other day.  There were lots of reindeer pieces in the packet, so I pulled out this old frame with a collage mat, and came up with this.

Both of these crafts will show up in my Christmas Decor, and I've painted one side of my shutters red, and they will be showing up too!

Getting ready for next week's decorating. I'm excited about the theme I'm going with this year, and am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

Hope you are enjoying preparing for the holiday season.  I'm through shopping, so I plan to relax and enjoy it!!

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas Tablescapes from the Past

Today, I have gathered photos of past Christmas tablescapes to share again with you.  Like I said in my post on mantels, seeing all the shots together, narrows down what I like best, and is helping me decide on what I will use this year in my decorating.


These green glasses belonged to my MIL. I only use them at Christmas, and always enjoy their bright color.  They are tall and slim, and feel good in the hand.


In 2013, I decorated with aqua, and really enjoyed it, but don't think I will do that this year.  I really like the reds and greens of a more traditional style.


I've shared before, how I got this set of Christmas china for $19.00!  My daughter held a Santa consignment sale, and a lady that participated, had these, and I grabbed them up!  They are in perfect condition!



One thing I have decided about this years tablescape, is that the table coverings will be layered.  I have a new runner I haven't shared yet, and am anxious to use it.

Hope you are enjoying seeing shots of Christmas Past.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Previous Christmas Mantels

I've been thinking about how I want to decorate for Christmas this year, and one of my favorite spots to decorate is the mantel in the family room.

I've reviewed photos from some of the ways I have decorated it in the past few years.

Last year  (2014) I used gold, white, green and red.


2013 Winter Mantel (After Christmas)

Christmas 2012


2011 with coffee filter wreath

Seeing them all together helps me know what I liked, and what, not so much!  I think the Winter mantel is my favorite, so that tells me, that white, with less 'stuff' looks better.

Another thing I am doing is looking through my other Christmas photos to help remember what I have, so when I go down to get what I want to use, I won't have to bring up 20 bins, I can pretty much, just pull out what I want, and bring that up from the storage in the basement. 17 stairs up and down with large bins isn't quite as easy as it once was, so I'll try picking out my items, and bringing up one or two bins instead! (Older & Wiser)  

Are you thinking about how you will decorate this year?
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sewing Very Inexpensive Curtain Panels

Please excuse the photo quality. We've had dark rainy days for a couple of weeks, and no natural light.

Recently I scored 5 yards of fabric for $1.00 at a yard sale.  The width was 66 inches, and the length was 180 inches.  I knew I could only get 63" panels from the fabric, and I wanted 84".  I purchased 5 yards of a taupe fabric for a total cost of $13+.  So for a total of $14 dollars, I have six 84" panels that are each 30" wide.

Once again, I will preface by saying I am NOT a seamstress.  Very simple sewing projects are my limit.

The print is the fabric I got for $1.00  I didn't have it with me when I purchased the solid color, and it is off a shade, but I decided I could live with it since there will be less of it, and it will be near the floor, and not seen as much.

My Fabric

Here is how I made my panels.

First, I folded the fabric in half longways, and measured 30 inches at the time, and cut it with a rotary cutter. By cutting it this way, I was able to get 6 panels, and had absolutely no wasted fabric.  

Panels are cut.

The fabric for the bottom of the panels needed to be 26" long to allow for a hem at the bottom and for sewing to the bottom of the longer panel.

The solid fabric was 44" wide, so I had a good piece of it left to add to my stash.  :)

After I got these pieces cut, I proceeded to sew the two together by placing them front to front, and running a seam to attach the two pieces.

I completely finished one panel at the time by sewing them together, hemming all the way around except at the top where I made a rod pocket by folding over fabric and running 2 seams.

After sewing around the panel and making a rod pocket, I top stitched where the two panels met so the bottom section would lay flat.

I hung one set using the rod pockets and discovered they were a little shorter than I wanted so I bought rings with clips from Amazon, attached them, and hung them.
I didn't want to take the time to rip out the rod pocket seams, so I left them in.

Here they are in the master bedroom.

They aren't perfect, but they will work for the winter months, and will be warmer than the sheers I've used during the warm months.

It's still raining here, and the photo quality is poor, but maybe you can see how they turned out.  So for a total of $14.00 and change, I have 3 pairs of curtains.  Now that's a frugal project for sure at  $2.33 per panel!!

Have you completed a frugal project recently?

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Switching Accessories Around

An easy way to get a different look in a room is to change your accessories from one place to another. Creating different vignettes with the same items, just arranged in a different way is fun, and allows you a creative outlet.

We've had rain for over a week, so I've moved things around, but still keeping the fall colors going.  I am thinking about how I want to decorate for Christmas this year and hope to keep it minimal and somewhat tasteful. I can go a little crazy trying to display too much!

I changed the mantel by placing the basket of books with fall colors there.  It was on a side table.

I bought a wire wreath form at the Dollar Tree last week, and made this burlap wreath.  I explained how to make these in this post.  Go there for instructions if you want to make one.  I have about $12.00 in this one.  I bought 2 large rolls of burlap ribbon at half price at Hobby Lobby, and the flower was around $2, the wreath form only $1.00.

I found this sweet sign at the Hen's Nest Consignment, and hung it from this shutter.

It was a quick change here, bu placing the wood pumpkin and a fall stem at this end of the mantel.

I found this piece of fabric in my stash and trimmed it with pinking shears, ironed it and laid it underneath the basket of books.

Also in the living room, I switched accessories on this table.

This shows the gallery wall and the top of the table where I switched accessories.  I changed the lampshade from aqua to burgundy for the fall.  I'm on the lookout for pictures to go where the two small ones at the top are.  I want to find some with old houses in them like the two larger ones.  I'm sure I'll run up on something before too long.

Just swapping a few items around freshens up a space. Use what you have and experiment by placeing in different areas in the room until you find a look you like.
(Then, tomorrow, change it again, LIKE I DO!!).  Can anyone say OCD??  I might have a slight tendancy towards it.  :)

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