Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Starting a Snow Village Collection

After seeing all the gorgeous snow villages on Pinterest, I've decided to get together a collection of items to make one.  I looked online and on Ebay, and the houses and accessories are EXPENSIVE!!  So I'll be getting mine a piece at the time at Good Will, and consignment shops. I had noticed that our GW had a few pieces the other day, so this morning I went to see if they still had them.  I found several pieces that will work for now.  I brought them home and washed them, and set up a small village on the bookcase.

The church was $3.93, and the other pieces ranged from 99 cents to $1.40.  I had bought the trees and the two small glitter houses at Wal Mart earlier.  The church is lighted, and I placed flameless tea lights in the others, and placed a strand of blinking lights underneath the batting I used as snow.  I'm thrilled with the start I have on getting a village, and I've only spent around $15.00 for everything seen here.  Now I will be on the lookout and pick up pieces when I see them at good prices.  

On a side note, I want to share this lovely bowl I found yesterday at a consignment shop.

I may keep it out through the winter.  I really like the wintry scene on it.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing my "little village" and the pretty bowl.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

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