Sunday, January 31, 2016

Using What You Have

I've been wanting a new living room suite for some time.  The one we had wasn't very good quality, and had become worn and looked really bad.  We shopped for new furniture, but nothing has caught our eye.

I love cottage style, and have had a sofa and love seat stored in my basement for several years.  I think I bought it in the 80's.  But it sat in the living room at the old house, and was never used.  Then when we moved here, I used it in the dining room (as a sitting room), until we bought the larger dining room suite.  Then we moved it to the basement, covered it up, and there it has sat for several more years.  So today, my husband and stepson switched out the old, took it to Good Will, and brought up the set from the basement.  I warn you, it is floral, and would not suit the taste of lots of folks, but I'm going to make it work for a while, until I find what I want.  It's like new, no stains, the springs are in wonderful condition, and it is very comfortable.

You know when you change one thing, you have to change a lot more, and I am in the process of changing the room to have the cottage style.  This will be a work in progress, so I'll be showing you what I do.

I brought a round braided rug down from the bonus room to use.  It's been around for a number of years too.  It was bought in the late 90's at Penney's Outlet in Atlanta for only $18.00!  It has held up incredibly well too. 

I switched the curtains to a sheer with tiny embroidered roses on them.  These will do until I find what I want.

I moved the large dark bombay table to the dining room, and brought this table I painted, in to use as a desk.  I also brought in the chair I refinished last year.

I added to the gallery wall, and will switch out some of the pictures in the room gradually.  I have some pictures with roses, that I plan to bring into the room.

I added the name sign that Rachel (my granddaughter in law) made for us for Christmas.

I lightened the mantel by painting the shutters in BM Wythe Blue, left from painting the front door.  I took away the red heart shaped bottles, and added these pink hearts that I made a while back.

I changed the coffee table vignette to include aqua and pink.

I'll be tweaking the room until I get it like I want it, but this is what I've done so far, and I'm liking the change.  This furniture is smaller scale than the last, and makes the room feel bigger.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Easy Valentine Decor

I have the winter blahs!  No desire to do anything, especially decorate!  However, I happened to be in the basement the other day, opened my Valentine's decorations, and brought up what I could carry in my hands, so really, next to nothing!

I placed the runner I made a few years ago on the hall tree, hung up this heart, put cupids on a pedestal, and added a basket of fabric hearts to the bottom shelf.

Another area with Valentine decor is the mantel.  I kept the two red shutters, hung a small heart on each shutter, added red heart shaped bottles to the candlesticks, and a heart on the wreath.

The last spot I did is the frame I have hanging in the dining room.  I simply pinned some hearts to that, and called it done!

Told you I have the blahs!  Oh well, I think we all hit slumps, and I'm in one.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Latest Shenanigans

I've been a little lazy the last few days, mostly due to a stiff neck!  Before it got so bad though, I did rearrange the living room furniture.  The jury is still out on whether or not I like it this way!  I'm trying to give myself time to get accustomed to it.

Ever since we built the house 15 years ago, the back of the sofa was the view upon entering the front door.  The room is open, has practically no walls for furniture placement, so that has worked even though I don't like seeing the back of the sofa!

Here is the before:
(sofa with slipcover)
See the front door to the right.

Here is the current arrangement.

 Everything is pulled away from the walls.  

The sofa was moved to the opposite wall, with the love seat to its left, and the recliner sits where the sofa once was.
It looks more welcoming without the sofa sitting on that side, but I'm just not sure I like this!  Maybe if I switch out the rug to the more muted one.  I'd love to know what you think.  I'm open to suggestions.

On another note, I found these two bowls at the Good Will.  I don't know if they are transfer ware or not.  They are stamped on the bottom with a number and "Made in England".  I loved the red!

I gave $1.91 for the large one, and $1.71 for the smaller one.

I added this home decor book to my ever growing collection for $1+.  It was the color of the week.

Here is where the canvas I got last week ended up. The smaller picture goes well with the canvas.

 My little spot of spring!
I wrapped this candle with some scraps from my fabric stash.  I've seen these in the stores for ten to fifteen dollars.  The doily is one that I started with thread.  It fit here perfectly.

That's the latest from here.  What have you been up to?

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Good Will Treasure Trove

This time of year is a great time to visit your Good Will. People are purging and organizing, and it is a literal treasure trove.  I spent some time shopping there yesterday, and found some great bargains.  It was Senior Citizen Day, so I got a 25% discount!  Here is what I purchased for a total of $ 27 and change.

This lamp cost around $5.00.

I placed it on my bedside table.

Look at these wonderful pillows.

Equestrian decor is always a welcome find.
The pillow above is green velvet on the reverse.

The pillow above has a different scene on each side.  The lovely mansion on one side, and the Fox Hunt scene on the other.

Both pillows are in the master bedroom for now.  I think they were around $3.00 each.

I couldn't believe I found these Willow Tree angels priced at $1.21 each!  My discount made them $.91 cents each!! 

I moved the Willow Tree angels I already had to the bedroom on this shelf, and now have a nice collection.

This canvas landscape was only $3.+ with the discount.
 Two pieces of fabric, both over 2 yards for a total of around $2.95!

I added this piece to my Christmas village that I just started collecting.  They had quite a few pieces, but I only bought one.

This is a sweet piece.  It is wood, and hangs with a ribbon.  I think I paid less than a dollar.  One of the doves has a broken tail feather, but it isn't noticeable, and I knew where I would hang it.

I went in looking for piano sheet music, or songbooks, and came out with everything but that!!  I'm trying to renew my ability to play piano.  I haven't practiced on a regular basis for years so I bought a digital piano, and am giving it another shot. I've played for several churches during the years, but have not played for probably 12+ years and am RUSTY!!  So I've added another hobby.

If you are in the thrifting mood, it's time to visit your Good Will! 

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Changing & Rearranging

On Saturday, I got the urge change the bedding in the bedroom.  A local department store I visited had very little to choose from and the price of the ONE that I liked was $335.00!!!   NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN!!  Yikes!  So.....what to do??? Shop the house!  So I did!

I was tired of the quilt we were using as a coverlet, and wanted to get rid of the blue I had in the room.

I took down the curtains I recently made (here), and brought out the comforter I used a year or two ago. I replaced the curtains with the dark brown ones I already had, and used a blanket to cover the blue chair, and a quilt to cover the blue cushions in the antique rocker. Nothing new except the animal print throw I found at Wal Mart for < $15.00.

I even changed out the art!

I placed both chairs on the same side of the room, and reworked the vignette on the armoire.  The chairs flank the dresser.


The chalk painted bookcase took the place of the chair I moved. (below)

View from the opposite side of the room.
This makes a nice reading nook.

(antique rocker)

While moving things around, I replaced the blinds in the master bath, and hung a valance in there.  I also rearranged the bookcases in the family room, as well changing the items on the hall tree.

I only kept my collection of Readers Digest Condensed books here, and put all the others back in the cabinet in my office/library.

I brought out one of my angels, and a cross for the hall tree, and kept the vintage lamp. 

That's the latest 'changes' here.  Does the new year make you want to get organized and change things?

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