Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Good Will Treasure Trove

This time of year is a great time to visit your Good Will. People are purging and organizing, and it is a literal treasure trove.  I spent some time shopping there yesterday, and found some great bargains.  It was Senior Citizen Day, so I got a 25% discount!  Here is what I purchased for a total of $ 27 and change.

This lamp cost around $5.00.

I placed it on my bedside table.

Look at these wonderful pillows.

Equestrian decor is always a welcome find.
The pillow above is green velvet on the reverse.

The pillow above has a different scene on each side.  The lovely mansion on one side, and the Fox Hunt scene on the other.

Both pillows are in the master bedroom for now.  I think they were around $3.00 each.

I couldn't believe I found these Willow Tree angels priced at $1.21 each!  My discount made them $.91 cents each!! 

I moved the Willow Tree angels I already had to the bedroom on this shelf, and now have a nice collection.

This canvas landscape was only $3.+ with the discount.
 Two pieces of fabric, both over 2 yards for a total of around $2.95!

I added this piece to my Christmas village that I just started collecting.  They had quite a few pieces, but I only bought one.

This is a sweet piece.  It is wood, and hangs with a ribbon.  I think I paid less than a dollar.  One of the doves has a broken tail feather, but it isn't noticeable, and I knew where I would hang it.

I went in looking for piano sheet music, or songbooks, and came out with everything but that!!  I'm trying to renew my ability to play piano.  I haven't practiced on a regular basis for years so I bought a digital piano, and am giving it another shot. I've played for several churches during the years, but have not played for probably 12+ years and am RUSTY!!  So I've added another hobby.

If you are in the thrifting mood, it's time to visit your Good Will! 

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