Thursday, February 4, 2016

Still Refining the Family Room

In my previous post, Using What You Have, I shared that we moved a sofa and love seat we had in the basement to the family room. What a change, going from dark brown to jewel tones floral!  I am loving the change.  It allows me to use my blue, green, pink, aqua accessories.  I'm going for the cottage look, and each day I'm remembering items that I have that will work in the room now.  

Of course, I made a quick visit to Good Will, and found 3 new home decor books, an English teapot, a bunch of roses for the teapot, and a couple other items.  I arranged the roses into the teapot, and placed it in the adjoining dining room to help everything work together.  I believe the teapot was $2.52, and the flowers were a dollar.  The teapot is marked, Arthur Wood & Son, Staffordshire England, est., 1884, and numbered 6485 M. Similar pots sell on Ebay from $8 - $70. Mine was missing the lid, so it works great like I have it.

This table is working well in the dining room.

I'll share how I made these curtain panels soon.  (I have about $1.50 in the two)! Good Will fabric remnant with exactly enough fabric for 2 panels!

The tan background on the panels blends in with the rug, and the pink floral design works with the family room changes.

I changed the coffee table vignette to this. I love the 'free' basket, and the aqua jars.

I switched out some of the items on the gallery wall in order to lighten the colors. I painted the frame on the top center picture with gold acrylic paint which blends better now.
(current lighter gallery wall)

(first gallery wall look)
I also switched out the lamps which allows for a better view of the wall.

I'm still changing things, so I will keep sharing with you. 

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