Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thrifty Finds & Cottage Style

I'm still working to make my living room have more of a cottage style. Before my foot decided to get a fracture, I went to the grand re-opening of my favorite consignment shop.  They moved back to their original location which is much bigger.  Here's what I found and brought in to add to my cottage look.

The plates on the mantel.

They look good on the mantel, and after Valentine's, I will remove the hearts, and the mantel will carry us into Spring.

I also found this small dish which I added to the desk beneath the gallery wall.

Speaking of the gallery wall, I've been changing it up almost every day, hoping to hit on a final look.  I've moved pictures up and down, back and forth, and right now have all floral pictures there.

The last time I showed you the wall, it looked like the photo above.

Then, I switched to floral pictures only (above).

Today, it looks like this.  I need to get a couple things to add which are in the basement, and I don't think I will lug this HUGE boot down 17 steps!!  So that will have to wait!

The picture below was found at Good Will a few weeks ago for $1.91.  It's a canvas, and I believe the flower is made from a foam like flower petal.  Very unique.

The above picture was found at the consignment shop, and the one below came from Kirklands, many years ago. Please excuse the blue cast on the frame. It is bright white.

Another area I changed, is the hall tree.

I love the gallon jug.  It was a freebie at a moving sale, where I bought the chair below that I'm using in the family room.

Still having fun changing the family room. When I'm able to be on my foot, I plan to work on the book cases and bring more of a cottage look to them.

A reminder of the furniture I am now using in the family room (below).

You all know how we are always tweaking our decor, and I continue to do so, trying to get the look I want.  Sharing it all with you.......

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