Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Easy Spring Wreath

I made this wreath in a matter of about five minutes. It is very simple to make, and inexpensive.


Supplies:  ( I bought mine at Wal Mart)
1 medium grapevine wreath   $4.74
5 bushes of daffodils (flowers of your choice) @ .97 ea              $4.85
1 roll of ribbon with wire        $ 4.00
                    Total:              $13.59

You will need wire cutters, and a piece of wire, or twine to tie the bow to the wreath.

With a grapevine wreath, you can insert the flowers snugly between the vines, and not even use glue.  If pushed in well, they won't come out easily.

First, clip the bushes apart so you have single stems. Place them in one direction (as I did), then the other direction until you get the fullness you desire.

Make your bow, wire it on, and you are through!

I like the yellow with the new door color (BM, Wythe Blue).

Have you made a spring wreath for your door?

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