Saturday, April 16, 2016

Good Will Treasure in Blue

I showed you all the fabric I found at the Good Will here.
That wasn't the only thing I bought.  This beautiful bowl was my other treasure @$5.22.  An employee was just putting out items, and this bowl was one of them.  A lady grabbed it the minute it went on the shelf.  I commented to her that she would certainly enjoy it.  She asked me if I wanted it, and I told her no, that she got to it first.  I didn't think any more about it, but on another pass down the aisle, I saw her put it back on the shelf.  This was a good while later.  So...... you know the rest!  It's mine!

I didn't get a photo before placing the dried hydrangeas in it, but the photo above shows the inside of the bowl.

At first, I placed a lot of hydrangeas inside.  But I later took the pink ones out and used them in the dining room. (I'll show you later).  

Then I decided to only use the blue and white ones.

I have this on the hall tree.  :)

I'm loving this look!  The bottom holds a blue and white urn filled with faux hydrangeas.  The burlap runner and wreath play off each other as well.

View when entering the front door.  Love, love!!

I couldn't believe the lady decided against getting this bowl, but I'm really glad I saw her put it back on the shelf!

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