Monday, May 30, 2016

Changes at the Lake House

We came down on Friday for a couple weeks, and had planned before we came to downsize some while here.  I admit I'm a pack rat.  I just keep stuff.  It's organized and neat, but a lot of stuff, just the same.

The lake home is a double wide mobile home, bought new in 2005.  It still looks new since we don't live here full time, and only use it as a getaway.

There happened to be a friend here who wanted everything we were getting rid of.  She has a daughter and granddaughter who are moving and need everything, so we were happy to give the items to them.

We gave away 5 comforters, several pictures, one really large one, sheets, towels, 2 tv's, clothing, a bed, french style dresser and chest of drawers, throws, blankets, all kinds of things.  I can't begin to name them all, but a 8 x16 trailer was full as was the back of the pickup truck!

To help you appreciate the difference made in the bedrooms, I'll show you some before and after shots.  We all love those.  :)

The bedrooms on this end of the house are small, and both had WAAAAAAY too much furniture in them.

Here is the bedroom on the back side of the house.  It held a queen bed, chest of drawers, dresser, night stand, and bench.

No matter what I did, this room just never looked good.  The mattresses were old and not level, with so much furniture, there was only a 'trail' around the bed.

Here is how it looks now after we took out all the furniture and put one of the twin beds in the room instead.  I kept the night stand and the mirror from the old french provincial set, and will paint them this week.


The only other piece in this room is a small bench that holds a tv.

The other bedroom had both twin beds, an antique vanity, and chest of drawers.


Now it only has one twin bed, and the antique furniture.

I turned the bed in this room in the other direction.
The only items in the room is the bed, vanity and chest.


I love this old vanity, and recovered the stool so it would blend better with the bedding.  It was originally blue.



hydrangeas I dried last year

I painted the two large canvases a few years ago.  I bought the Paris sign at DG a while back, and the letter "M"  picture yesterday, also at DG.  It was the perfect color for the room, and mimics the pattern on the stool.

This candelabra is one from years ago that I painted aqua.

It's so nice to have the rooms "cleared out".  They seem so much larger, and the airflow is now unimpeded.  Before, both vents were partially covered.  
For window treatments, I placed 84" white sheers on the windows in all bedrooms.

Hard work, heavy lifting, but so worth it!!

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