Monday, May 23, 2016

How I Enlarged a Quilt


Have you ever had a comforter or quilt that you loved but it just wasn't quite big enough for your bed?  Such was the case with the quilt we use in the master bedroom.  I've had the quilt for a while and it is the perfect weight for the summer, but it was like a ladies top that just didn't quite cover the tummy area. You know what I mean?  If you pulled enough it would look 'ok', but still not right.  When we made the bed, it would have to be pulled longer on the side facing the door to cover the huge mattress we have, the the backside would be too short and show the sheets.  Just a real aggravation!!

I decided I'd pulled and tugged on it long enough, and granted, I probably could have bought another cover for the money I put in my fix, but it's extremely hard to find comforters/quilts to cover this KING size bed.  It has a high box springs, and a high mattress on top of that, so I wouldn't have been any better off.

You can see what I mean in this old photo.   It barely covers the mattress and was even shorter on the other side.  

So what did I do?  I made it into a ruffled spread and I really like it!

I simply bought dust ruffles and sewed them on.  The ruffles are those found at Wal Mart that don't have the center fabric. They have elastic around the top and are made to fit any size bed, and they worked great.  It took 1 ruffle, and 2/3 of another to reach around the quilt, then I bought the third ruffle to go around the box springs and reach the floor!  SO MUCH BETTER. I bought the ecru color because that matches the window panels I recently made, and the quilt isn't pure white, but an off-white.

All I did was place the front side of the ruffle to the back side of the quilt, and sew all the way around.  This is a simple project, and could be done by using hem bond if you don't sew or have access to a sewing machine.  I was afraid the bulk would be hard for my small machine, but it went surprisingly well.  I love the shabby chic look of the ruffles.

Back side of the bedspread is no longer short.

If you do this, and use the same type ruffle that I did, DO NOT stretch out the elastic that is already sewn in.  Just place the two pieces together as if there were no elastic there.  If you stretch it at all, it will pucker and won't lay correctly on the bed. I may have found this out the hard way.  :)  I might have also had to use a seam ripper....

With all the neutrals, I needed a punch of color.  I switched out the picture above the bed, changed the throw pillow, and redecorated the dresser. 

I tried to find a salmon colored throw, and coordinating fabric for more pillow covers, but no luck, so this has already changed somewhat.
I brought in a lamp that was stored in the closet, along with some books, a small floral, and a picture, for the dresser top.

I've changed the pillow, and the dresser accessories, already. Now it looks like this, and is more to my liking.  I'm always tweaking things around here.

I made these pillow covers last year, so I brought them out.

The geranium print I was using had too much red, so I switched it for this one with coral and turquoise.  

I switched the books to some with a peachy cover, added the turquoise bottle for another pop of color, since the pillow covers contain turquoise as does the picture and book case.

 Okay, for now I'm happy with the  brighter colors.  

If you have a spread or quilt that just isn't quite big enough, this is an easy fix......if you like ruffles.  No more tugging and pulling!!

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