Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fun Day and Pretty Table

As promised, on Friday, we went to Dothan, Alabama to shop. It's only 42 miles over there.  We first checked out the Good Will which was a total failure! Nothing but clothing and a few glass pieces. No furniture, and we were specifically looking for a table that would work to hold a huge OLD TV in one of the guest rooms. We visited Lowe's for a few things we needed, then went to an antique mall that we both loved, Land of Cotton.  It was chock full of treasures, and we could have spent all day in there.  On about the fourth aisle, I found a table with the perfect measurements for the place we wanted to place the TV. It is dark turquoise, which goes with the bedding.  It was $100, a little more than I had planned to spend, but perfect, so we bought it.  After that we had a wonderful meal at Red Lobster, then headed home.  We were gone the whole day, but really enjoyed it.

I'd love to go back and just take hours to go through that store. It was honestly the best antique store I've seen in a long, long time.  They had everything and the cashier told me they have 60 vendors and that new items literally come in every day. Needless to say, I will be going back as often as possible when we are at the lake house.

Here's the table we bought.  It has 2 drawers, and a door with a large compartment for storage.  Since this room doesn't have a dresser anymore, this will be perfect for guests.  These 2 drawers and the 2 drawers on the night stand will be sufficient, and the closet in the room only holds the vacuum cleaner and a few other things, so it will work for hanging clothes.  We don't have a lot of guests anyway, but I do want the rooms to be welcoming and have what is needed.

I'm not sure of the age of this piece, but I love the style.  If anyone knows what it is called and the era, please leave it in a comment.

This is the quilt, so the table can stay this color at least for a while.  Never know, but the color was what drew me to it.

Here is how the ends look.  Love the extra stability the cross board gives it, because this is a monster TV.

I found the basket at Dollar General, and it works just right to hold the satellite receiver.  

You can see it has some distressing, but not too much.

See what a monster TV this is??  Ugh!!

The night stand I made over here is a different style and color, but the bedding brings everything together well enough to suit us.

I gathered up the hydrangeas I cut while here and placed them in another basket underneath Where they will continue to dry out.  Gotta hide the cords, you know!!

What do you think?

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