Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last Week's Good Will Finds

I've told y'all how I'm addicted to shopping the local Good Will. We got home from the lake house on Wednesday around 6 PM, and at 7:20, I was at Good Will.  That's awful, I know!  Couldn't wait til Thursday to go. (lol)  Well, as usual, I found some cute things that I brought home.

First, this sweet Edwin M. Knowles bowl. From researching it, it was made in 1934. I love the pattern, and the 22k gold around the top.  Plus it's shape is unusual. I'm assuming it is a berry bowl.

It would be great for holding jewelry, or placing a small plant in. I will use it in a vignette, probably.

Next, I found this small picture.  It's about an 8x6 I believe.  It has a date of 1987 on the bottom.

The barn, and the old pump are so charming.  The frame was plain brown stained wood, but I used Moss chalk paint on it, to better bring out the colors.

picture dated 1987

My other purchase was a set of pillow shams!  I opened them up and saw they were like new.  I knew I had seen this pattern somewhere, but just couldn't think where.  I kept racking my brain and finally remembered.

Suddenly it dawned on me where I had seen this pattern.  It's the same pattern as the quilt on our bed at the lake.

When I purchased the quilt a while back, the store didn't have any of the shams, so I bought the yellow pillow cases to use instead.  Now I have the matching shams from Good Will for $3.93!!  Can't wait to get them on that bed, but it will be a while before we go back.   Can you believe I found these?

I made another GW run on Friday, and found more goodies. Look at these pillow covers.  I don't believe they were ever used.  I'm not too crazy about the yellow, but they are a great quality, and I found comparable ones online for $36.00 each.  I got 2 for $3.93.

My next find was this lovely colander.  I almost didn't buy it but as so glad I did.  It was less than $4.00, and is heavy enamel with brass handles and trim.  It's retro to around 1950 according to my research. It's wonderful for holding fresh veggies and fruits.

I found this Roseville Pottery banded bowl. The cashier told me someone had just bought 3 matching bowls like this.  I guess they didn't see this one.  I gave $1.91 for it.  I placed it beside my Mother's yellow ware bowl.

I added a piece of milk glass to my growing collection.  It was $1.21.  Small but sweet pedestal dish.

So once again, great finds at our Good Will.  After visiting 2 Good Will stores while we were away,  both very disappointing, I couldn't wait to check out what was in our local store.  Did good, don't you think? Everything here for just under $20.00!!

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