Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sharing Recent Thrifty Finds

While out thrifting the other day, I found this sweet metal container and decided to give it a patriotic look.  I gave a lot more for the flowers than the metal pocket, but I wanted the flowers to be really nice, so I got these at HL.

I have the red, white, and blue, but not the usual flowers we see everywhere.  It hangs on my front door.  (<$2. for container).

I found this dish, which reminds me of the old refrigerator dishes.  I believe it had a top which is missing.  It's made of heavy glass and the sides are ribbed.  It sits in the china cabinet.

I thought this was the cutest little wire bowl.  Chicken wire, no less.  It could be flipped over and used as a wire cloche.  I placed this ceramic rose (a gift from a friend) inside it and it sits on the table in the sunroom.  It was $.49.

This small ginger jar is marked "Holland" on the bottom.  I think it was $1.91.  It sits inside the dresser in the master.

This wonderful picture of a basket with blue hydrangeas was only $2.19.  It hangs over the blue table in the dining room.

This sweet canvas was only $.50.  It has a place beside the chicken wire bowl in the sunroom.

And the  “pièce de résistance 

You won't believe what I gave for this twin size quilt that will go on one of the guest beds at the lake house.


No flaws, clean, scalloped edges.  I think it will look great in the room with the green and white night stand.  I will be glad to use a different cover on that bed, so they won't both look the same.  I'm on the lookout for a sham that will work with this quilt.

I don't have to tell y'all where I bought all this......Good Will, my new favorite home goods store.

Oh, I also got 3 home decor books to add to my collection.  I now have about 54 home decor books.

I love sharing my finds with you and hope you don't get bored seeing them.  To me, it is the ultimate joy finding great items for the home, without breaking the bank.  

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