Sunday, July 3, 2016

Finding Treasures & Changing the Mantel

I dashed into Good Will on Friday for just a few minutes, but came away with some lovely glassware.  One of the pieces is my new favorite thing!

I found two of these 6" bud vases in the wedgwood blue Jasperware.  They fit nicely with my glasses I found last week. They were 99 cents each, just like the glasses.  Yesterday, my daughter and I were shopping and I found this old Jasperware liquor bottle to add to my new collection.
It was only $8.00, and is such a great piece. 

 Just look at the glass cork.

The scene

I now have 9 pieces of this and love having it in my china cabinet.  I have spent a total of $16.00 on this new collection.

My other finds are a bottle and a vase.  This green bottle caught my eye because of it's shape.

It was $1.21.  I found one on Ebay that was the same and listed as a whiskey bottle.  You can see where a label went on the front of this piece.

My favorite piece though is this wonderful bud vase made of blue, diamond cut glass.

My new favorite thing, this vase.....
I just love this piece.  It was also $1.21.  I haven't been able to find out anything about this piece, but the color is divine.


I gave my mantel a new design!!

It has been like this for a long time, and I have loved the quiet colors and the simplicity, but I decided to give it a little punch. It looked like this much longer than is normal for my house.

I love the shutters and candle sticks, so I kept some of those.  I removed the clock, and brought in this turquoise frame, I've had for a few years.

It was painted like this when I found it at an antique shop.  It's huge, and I only gave $20.00 for it.  It had been in the sun room for a long time, and I had recently been thinking about bringing it to the mantel, so that's what I did.

I showed you the electrical insulators I found at GW the other day.  So using the frame, the blue vase and one candlestick in front of the shutter, I created this vignette on the left side of the mantel.

For the right side of the mantel, I brought this pale turquoise bottle, also a GW find from the hall tree, added the lighter turquoise insulator, and another of the candlesticks.

This white burlap wreath I made was also kept, and I hung it inside the frame.

Here is the total mantel reveal.


I found this awesome candle stick at GW also, and knew it matched the ones I already had.  It's taller and I grouped it with 2 others on the hearth.

Here you can see the other candlesticks.

I'm loving the new layered look on the mantel.  

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