Saturday, July 9, 2016

Happenings at Shadymont

Today, I decided to dismantle my gallery wall.  Here, you can see how many items I had on the wall, and well, I was just tired of it!!
I simplified it, and here is how it looks now.


A dear friend gave me this picture, and I've had it in several places, but I love it here, above the desk.

I've changed a couple of vignettes, on the hall tree, (above), and on the corner table, (below).

I redecorated the top of the jelly cupboard by placing this "gate" on top, along with the bird tray and cloches.

This stool did hold the bowl, now on the hall tree, so I replaced it with this piece, and the shutters.

I bought the pitcher, below, to add to my collection.  I love that it looks like a bird house.  It's from the Kathy Hatch collection.

I found this lovely five finger vase at Good Will.  It's a great vintage piece.

I also got this book on Depression Glass.  I have quite a bit, and it will be interesting to learn the history, and pattern of what I have.

I've taken up acrylic painting again, recently.  I watched how Marion at Miss Mustardseed drew cows on a dresser, and tried my hand at it.  I'm quite pleased with these paintings.

I had not been in the mood to paint in over a year, but now I'm trying it again.  It's such a soothing hobby.  If you make mistakes, just paint over them, and start over.  That's how I do it anyway!

Hope you have a fabulous week.  I'll be sharing here:

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