Sunday, July 17, 2016

Painting the Hutch

My husband had this hutch when we got married in 2005.  I've always secretly wanted to paint it, but never mentioned it to him.  We were sitting here the other day, and he said, "I wonder how that hutch would look painted?"  I answered that I thought it would be a good project.  I had some chalk paint with me, and some flat white paint, as well, plus a sample jar of Valspar, Schoolboy Blue.  So after breakfast, today, I removed everything off, cleaned out the drawers, took off the drawer pulls, and got busy.

RECIPE for using baking soda for chalk paint:
      (1/2 c baking soda to 1 c flat paint) mix some water with the soda, and stir to remove lumps, then add to paint.


First I painted the inside using the Valspar Schoolboy Blue. I added soda and water, and it covered fairly well.

I had decided to leave the top the original color.  It has a really nice finish, and I wanted to keep that.

I had 2 partial bottles of Waverly Chalk Paint in white, and mixed up some flat white we had on hand to make chalk paint, and used that for the cabinet.

I had a partial can of Rustoleum flat black paint in the outdoor storage building, so I painted the drawer pulls with that.

BTW, the old platter in the hutch is dated 1943.

I didn't purchase anything to do this makeover.  I already had everything, so this was a free makeover.

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