Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tips for Decorating Without Spending Lots of Money

I love decorating and changing things up without spending a lot of money, and do the majority of my shopping for home decor in second hand consignment shops, and at Good Will.  The best buys are at Good Will.  You just have to be patient, but go in often to catch the deals.  Learn which days are discount days, and shop then.  They usually have the shelves full on those days, at least they do locally.  In this post, I will share various places throughout my home where I've decorated with Good Will and consignment finds.  If you try, you can put together items that are pleasing to the eye, and make a nice vignette.

The picture of roses is one a friend bought at an antique shop and later gave to me.  The lamp is vintage and belonged to my MIL.  The pink rimmed bowl and bowl holding roses were finds at an estate sale, and the green bottle was found at Good Will. I have about five dollars in the entire arrangement.  Remember to use books in your vignettes, as decorative items, and to elevate other items.

This candle stick and plate came from Good Will, and the lamp was from a consignment shop.

I bought the white pedestal from Kmart years ago for $5.00, and the teapot and roses came from Good Will for a couple dollars.  

This is a quilt bought at consignment and I'm using it as a table cloth in the sun room.  Think outside the box.  You don't have to use things for their intended purpose.  Use your imagination and come up with other ways to use your favorite items.

This chair is a consignment find for $10 if I remember correctly and it's a perfect match for the drop front desk.  

This bedding is from Good Will, the sheets, quilt and dust ruffle all for around $13.00.  The sheets were still in the original package, and they work perfectly with the quilt.

This gravy boat is from an estate sale for about a dollar.  

The blue and aqua bottles and the pitchers are from Good Will, the shutters and frame from consignment.  None of these cost much at all, and they make an interesting mantel display.

I don't recall if this is from Good Will or consignment, but it wasn't expensive, and it makes a lovely container for these tulips.

This 'table cloth' is a ladies scarf, $1 at Good Will.  Always look through the scarves, they have all shapes and sizes, some of which make great table cloths and runners.  I love the colors in this one.

This arrangement is a Good Will find.  I just put a fresh coat of white paint on it, pulled out the ugly flowers and added the pink and white ones from my stash.  

I hope these examples inspire you to shop at thrift, consignment stores, estate and garage sales, and your Good Will store.  I've found such lovely treasures, and this way, by not spending so much, I can always change things when I get tired of them.

I'll share at these link parties.  Be sure to check them out for lots of inspiration.

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