Monday, August 29, 2016

Changes in the Sun Room

Since I now have pink in my family room (til I can convince someone we need new furniture), I decided to get rid of the pink in the sun room, and I love it!!  Here is the before, in pink:

Here is the look as of this evening. 

We moved the pink white and green rug out, and brought in this one.

I had fabric from GW that was just enough to cover the chaise cushions an the one in the rocker, so I put those on and pinned them in place with safety pins until I have time to do them right.

The cover on the table beside the rocker is a fall head scarf.  
I decided I could use some fall colors in here without so much pink.
The orange one is a ladies scarf also, just makes a great runner.
These are the curtains I made for pennies, and they were in the bedroom until recently.  I've never had long curtains in here except 2 lace ones at one point for a short time.

I brought in a brown monogrammed pillow.  The box on the table holds fall colored books, a bird, and flower pot.

This table cloth on the left is a good will find.  It has fall leaves.  I placed pumpkins, a grapevine wreath, and a "family" sign on the turquoise door.

I placed a pillow in the rocker.  The fabric has birds on it.

I wasn't sure I'd like these curtains in this room, but with the other changes, I really like it.  The arrangement on the eating table is a very old pitcher I found at GW.  it has orange, green, etc., and holds small flowers in those colors.  I have to make a curtain for the small window on the left of the bank of windows.  I'll have to check my stash for enough fabric.

I'm so excited with these changes, I may leave it this way.

I think it has an even more cottage vibe than before.  I think it's the curtains.

Hope you like this change!!

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Toddler Dress in a Shadow Box

I first wrote about my little dress in 2010, not long after I started my blog.  You can see the history of the dress here.  My mother made clothing for us from flour sacks.  Back then in the early 50's flour was bought in 50# bags. My mother's motto, was "Waste Not, Want Not", so these bags provided free fabric. Fabric she used to make dresses for us, aprons for herself, and runners for the tables.  She was creative, and would make her own patterns for dresses, by cutting out the pieces from brown paper bags, she would save.

Any way, the story goes that my mother and sister were on the back porch washing clothes using an old wringer type washer. My sister had a baby 1 1/2 years younger than me, and had gone in to check on us in the crib, when she smelled smoke. There was an electrical problem, and the home burned to the ground. We lived next door to the church we attended, and she drove us to the church parking lot for safety.

This is the dress I was wearing that day in 1954.

Ruffles across the bottom

I wonder if she ran out of trim.  There isn't a button or snap closure of any type to fasten the dress so I assume she used a safety pin.

It's a cute little dress, and has held up well to be over 60 years old.
I've had it hanging in the closet for years, and this week I
FINALLY,  purchased a shadow box and now have it on display in the guest room.

This dress means the world to me, and I'm glad I now have it where it can be seen.  I know each stitch was sewn with love, and my Mother saved the dress for me.  It's one of my greatest treasures, just because she made it.

Hope you enjoyed this look into my younger years. Here is a picture of my sweet mother at age 21.

She was voted most beautiful in the county where she lived!  Don't you love the hair style......roaring 20's!  Such beautiful skin, not a drop of makeup EVER, and those eyes!!

What a gorgeous lady, my mama was!!

I know this post is different than most I write, but I wanted to share the dress again for those who may not have seen the original post.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ramblins' Of A Good Will Junkie

I bumped into a long-time friend today at GW, and she said she thought GW should pay me for advertising.  I told her I'm a GW addict, and she admitted that she's becoming one too.  We are meeting there next Tuesday at 9:30.  I hope they have lots of good stuff.  I need some more "stuffin" for my house.  It hasn't quite burst at the seams yet.  I know y'all are all waiting with baited breath to see what I bought today, it was veteran's discount day, after all, and I can't miss that 25% off.

So, my best treasure today is this wonderful crystal water pitcher.  I believe it may be Waterford, y'all!  And again, it may not be, but it is heavy, and I'm gonna pretend it's Waterford anyway.  It looked all hazy on the shelf, but I knew it would look good after a good hot soapy bath!

 Isn't it beautiful!
Then I came upon this little cow creamer, that all of you I have one too. At $1.13, she was mine!

'Bout got a dang menagerie going on on this shelf!!

Next I found this whatchamacallit.  It was $1.44.

 This sweet pitcher with platter was next.  I loved that it had the platter.

 And it's french 'cause it's got the fleur de lis!

 There were 2 pretty sets of bowls, but the other set was missing the fourth one, so I bought this one.  I love the colors, and they will look good displayed for fall.

They were $1.13 each with the discount.

I think that is all I found today and spent a little over $11.00.  

They are actually open until 9 p.m.  If I hurry, I could go back!  Y'all think I'm kidding.... I ain't!  I'd go in a New York minute, if I didn't just hate too.  They already think I live there.

I really am going to post something besides GW finds next!  I promise!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures II

Today I am sharing my second hand finds from Good Will, Senior day, which is on Tuesday.  They also have a Veterans discount day on Thursday's which I qualify for from my late husband's service in Vietnam.

The table linens have been in short supply the last few times I've gone, but I did find this table runner that will work for fall.

The rug under my breakfast table has the same colors, so they are working well together.

I found this nice compote that is the centerpiece for this table.

I really liked this bowl, so I purchased it.  I might use it for succulents or an ivy.  I like the design.

Looks like I have the beginnings of a green bowl collection, purely unintentional.

The blue bottle is from Crate & Barrel.  I added a single burlap flower.  A good transition piece for fall.

I've been hitting the book section pretty hard recently.

I always like to find pads of paper for the desk.  Both of these were so pretty and still shrink wrapped.
I hit the jackpot in the fabric section.  I got all this fabric for less than $5.00.  All the pieces are multiple yards, and have no cut outs or anything. 

This fabric would make great art for winter, stretched over a canvas, foam board, of old frame.  It is also marked to use for making pillow colors.

This piece is the reason I bought this bag.  It will be lovely as art work.....maybe in my master, where I am using blues.  Just a thought.

This piece still has the tag on it, 3 yards. It is a wonderful fabric, and would make nice curtain panels.......maybe for the bonus room.

 These 2 pieces are juvenile patterns, but I am sure I could sell in a yard sale, or give to someone.
I'm sure there is enough of this to line a quilt, or make drapes for a little girl's room.

One other find was this small purse to use for my camera bag.  It's the right size to hold everything including the owner's manual.  It's a Longaberger.  So cute!!

So these are this week's treasures, total spent, less than $20.00.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Say It Ain't So

Another collection!!!  Surely not!  It happened when I found this green five-fingered bud vase at Good Will.  Not something I would expect to find at Good Will, but nevertheless, I did.

It was a fabulous price, and I brought it home.  Then I went on Ebay.........yep, I did, and I found great prices..... this blue one which is bigger, but of similar design.

and, this one, which is even bigger!

This one is huge and was chipped in shipping, but I've tried to repair it as best as I can and will use it.

They say that 3 of anything makes a collection, so just what I need, another one!  :)  This solid white one came from Good Will, and makes 4.  So I definitely have a collection started.  I love the uniqueness of this one.

Three are hand painted and made in Portugal.  The white one is unmarked.

Well, I found another unusual one at GW yesterday when I went in.  It isn't marked, and oh how I wish it were.  If anyone knows about this one, please tell me in the comments.

Handles with rings on each side.  I couldn't believe it!

So now there are five!!

All lined up in a row.....
Y'all know I really need another collection!  If I don't have a yard sale soon, I'm going to be overtaken by stuff!!

Really, somebody, please stop me!  
The solid white, and the blue/white are my favorites.  Which is yours?

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PS:  Here is how I ended up displaying my collection:
I placed them on the shelves on each side of the dresser in the master!

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