Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Collection: Old Bottles

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Recently, I've found some gorgeous bottles, and have worked them into my decor.  I believe all of these are from Good Will.

My favorite.  It would have originally had a matching stopper, but that was missing.  I found one identical online, and the description said it is a liquor bottle.  I love the cut glass, and the color is so pretty.

I also found this exact bottle online, and it is described as a liquor bottle as well.  I love it's gentle curve.

See how pretty they are on the mantel?

This lovely jar is a vintage orange juice pitcher.  It would have originally had a top as well.  Isn't it unusual?  I love the size, and the handle and ribbed glass.  It was a great find for a couple dollars.

I also have a small collection of blue mason jars that I use all the time too.

 My grandchildren, Blake & Rheagan

This is actually a fly catcher we found on adjacent property at the lake.

This clear gallon glass jug was a curbside find.

These are some of my favorites. Do you love old bottles and jars?  

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