Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ramblins' Of A Good Will Junkie

I bumped into a long-time friend today at GW, and she said she thought GW should pay me for advertising.  I told her I'm a GW addict, and she admitted that she's becoming one too.  We are meeting there next Tuesday at 9:30.  I hope they have lots of good stuff.  I need some more "stuffin" for my house.  It hasn't quite burst at the seams yet.  I know y'all are all waiting with baited breath to see what I bought today, it was veteran's discount day, after all, and I can't miss that 25% off.

So, my best treasure today is this wonderful crystal water pitcher.  I believe it may be Waterford, y'all!  And again, it may not be, but it is heavy, and I'm gonna pretend it's Waterford anyway.  It looked all hazy on the shelf, but I knew it would look good after a good hot soapy bath!

 Isn't it beautiful!
Then I came upon this little cow creamer, that all of you I have one too. At $1.13, she was mine!

'Bout got a dang menagerie going on on this shelf!!

Next I found this whatchamacallit.  It was $1.44.

 This sweet pitcher with platter was next.  I loved that it had the platter.

 And it's french 'cause it's got the fleur de lis!

 There were 2 pretty sets of bowls, but the other set was missing the fourth one, so I bought this one.  I love the colors, and they will look good displayed for fall.

They were $1.13 each with the discount.

I think that is all I found today and spent a little over $11.00.  

They are actually open until 9 p.m.  If I hurry, I could go back!  Y'all think I'm kidding.... I ain't!  I'd go in a New York minute, if I didn't just hate too.  They already think I live there.

I really am going to post something besides GW finds next!  I promise!

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