Sunday, August 21, 2016

Say It Ain't So

Another collection!!!  Surely not!  It happened when I found this green five-fingered bud vase at Good Will.  Not something I would expect to find at Good Will, but nevertheless, I did.

It was a fabulous price, and I brought it home.  Then I went on Ebay.........yep, I did, and I found great prices..... this blue one which is bigger, but of similar design.

and, this one, which is even bigger!

This one is huge and was chipped in shipping, but I've tried to repair it as best as I can and will use it.

They say that 3 of anything makes a collection, so just what I need, another one!  :)  This solid white one came from Good Will, and makes 4.  So I definitely have a collection started.  I love the uniqueness of this one.

Three are hand painted and made in Portugal.  The white one is unmarked.

Well, I found another unusual one at GW yesterday when I went in.  It isn't marked, and oh how I wish it were.  If anyone knows about this one, please tell me in the comments.

Handles with rings on each side.  I couldn't believe it!

So now there are five!!

All lined up in a row.....
Y'all know I really need another collection!  If I don't have a yard sale soon, I'm going to be overtaken by stuff!!

Really, somebody, please stop me!  
The solid white, and the blue/white are my favorites.  Which is yours?

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PS:  Here is how I ended up displaying my collection:
I placed them on the shelves on each side of the dresser in the master!

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