Thursday, August 4, 2016

This Week's Good Will Finds

I've been staying with my granddaughter this week, so I waited until around 7 PM to make my Tuesday Good Will visit.  I was hoping to find some more old bottles. Fresh out! None to be found, but I did find some great buys.

First up, this lovely pillow for $2.65. It looks new, and is very clean.

I have several rooms where this can be used, but it's in the sunroom for now.

This smaller blue print pillow is in good condition as well.  I think I paid $1.43 for it.

Next, I found an unusual picture frame that I bought, 

also, $1.43

My daughter, @ age 18

Next, a brass (heavy) 3-tiered tray for $3.70.

I placed it on the tea cart, and added some faux grapes.  This is a really nice piece, and will be used in various ways in my decor, so a great find.

Total spent:  $9.85, not bad for all these goodies.  Can't wait until I can go again!! :)

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