Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures II

Today I am sharing my second hand finds from Good Will, Senior day, which is on Tuesday.  They also have a Veterans discount day on Thursday's which I qualify for from my late husband's service in Vietnam.

The table linens have been in short supply the last few times I've gone, but I did find this table runner that will work for fall.

The rug under my breakfast table has the same colors, so they are working well together.

I found this nice compote that is the centerpiece for this table.

I really liked this bowl, so I purchased it.  I might use it for succulents or an ivy.  I like the design.

Looks like I have the beginnings of a green bowl collection, purely unintentional.

The blue bottle is from Crate & Barrel.  I added a single burlap flower.  A good transition piece for fall.

I've been hitting the book section pretty hard recently.

I always like to find pads of paper for the desk.  Both of these were so pretty and still shrink wrapped.
I hit the jackpot in the fabric section.  I got all this fabric for less than $5.00.  All the pieces are multiple yards, and have no cut outs or anything. 

This fabric would make great art for winter, stretched over a canvas, foam board, of old frame.  It is also marked to use for making pillow colors.

This piece is the reason I bought this bag.  It will be lovely as art work.....maybe in my master, where I am using blues.  Just a thought.

This piece still has the tag on it, 3 yards. It is a wonderful fabric, and would make nice curtain panels.......maybe for the bonus room.

 These 2 pieces are juvenile patterns, but I am sure I could sell in a yard sale, or give to someone.
I'm sure there is enough of this to line a quilt, or make drapes for a little girl's room.

One other find was this small purse to use for my camera bag.  It's the right size to hold everything including the owner's manual.  It's a Longaberger.  So cute!!

So these are this week's treasures, total spent, less than $20.00.

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