Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More Great Finds at Good Will

I didn't make it to Good Will for my usual Tuesday Senior day. So I went today, and am so glad I waited.  If this wonderful pottery had been out yesterday, it would be in someone else's home right now, but it's in mine.  I have 3 pieces, all by the same artist, K. Brown.  I can't imagine someone donating this, rather than selling it.  No cracks or chips, perfect condition. There were several more pieces there, but I was really trying not to spend so much money.  Here's what I bought.

The vase is a piece of the pottery.  I also bought the picture frame and put a print from the computer in it.

 This piece was also by the same artist.

This pitcher is the other piece I bought.  It matches the vase in the first photo.

I also found this small flower pot.

I couldn't believe it, but I found another tulipiere vase.

I now have 6 of these.  This one was $2.52, in excellent condition.

So my items for today, 3 pieces of pottery, picture frame, flower pot with fleur de lis, tulipiere vase.  Total: 17.28!!

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