Saturday, September 10, 2016

More Treasure Hunting

I don't have to tell you where I shopped for a few minutes on Sunday.  The initials are G W.  For the life of me, I'm addicted. I know I've told y'all that before, but I'm serious!!  :)  Anyway, I found a few sweet things, and here they are:

This plate was the color of the week (yellow), so 90cents.  The orange vase was about $1.81, I think.  So that meant I had to shuffle things around again!  Y'all know how it is! I wanted it on the hall tree, so lots of stuff got a new spot.

I found another wedgwood bud vase @ $1.51.

This lovely bird picture reminds me of the fall, so he lives here now.

Another pitcher for my "used to be" collection.  Here's the reverse side.

Cute little thing.

Look at this teeny, tiny pitcher I found.

It jumped into my cart, too.

I got this green plate to sit under the plant on the outdoor table.

Two beautiful decorating books.  The first I've found in a few weeks, and I had neither of these.

Some of the shuffling results:

Sometimes, I wish I could just sit and enjoy stuff, and not constantly need to be tweaking and moving, and shuffling!!  You know a body can get tired doing this all the time.  Am I OCD, you think?

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