Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My Wooden Cake Stand

I recently found the worst looking wooden cake stand you can imagine at Good Will for 1.76, after my discount.  I was so excited, I failed to take a photo of it, because I couldn't wait to make it pretty.

I have an area in the basement where I do my little projects, so I hurried down there and painted it with Waverly Chalk paint in white.  Next, I printed off a beautiful graphic that Ann from On Sutton Place had on her site.

I painted, let it dry overnight, then cut the graphic as close to the design as I could, and using Mod Podge, I attached it to the top of the stand.  I left that overnight then using a spray bottle of water, I misted it and then rubbed off as much of the paper as I could safely remove without tearing the graphic. Once I was satisfied with the look, I put on another coat of Mod Podge to protect the graphic.  Thanks for the graphic, Ann!!  I'm really loving this piece.

Cute, don't you think??  I think the white paint makes the stand look like glass.

The edge is scalloped with a leaf design.

I found this very old salt shaker at GW as well.  Wish there had been a pair.

The butter bell also came from GW.  They had three of these, and I got all of them.  :)

Love this sweet cake stand.  Of course, I wouldn't put food directly on the stand.

Remember, no matter how badly something may look, with a little makeover, it can be pretty, too!

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